Any experience with Artist Management Services in Nottingham?

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  • Posted: 11 Jul 2019 9:24

    Any experience with Artist Management Services in Nottingham?


    We're looking for some bands to play during the evening of our wedding. We came across Phil Rostance & The Marshall Band, but unfortunately, they're not available on our date. We were notified of this by a company called Artist Management Services in Nottingham. They recommended a lot of other bands:


    The Viscounts 
    The Partynuts 
    The Nashville Heat 
    The Vegas Hooligans 
    The Zane Wildband 
    The Wildcards 
    The Secretspitfires 
    The Wrecks 

    Highway21, The Viscounts, The Partynuts, Soultrap, The Nashville Heat, The Vegas Hooligans,The Zane Wildband, The Wildcards, The Secret Spitfires and The Wrecks. 


    I don't know why but I'm very cautious to use these Management company and any of their bands. They all have their own Facebook page (No other social media), which is posting the same content across all of their accounts. I also cannot find any information on this Management company, but I do have their address. Yet, there is nothing on Companies House about them.

    Has anyone used this company or any of the above bands?

    Thanks in advance!

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