Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus

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  • Posted: 19 Apr 2020 14:23

    Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus

    Hi everyone, 

    We’re due to get married in Portugal in the last week of August 2020. We’ve been planning this wedding for two years and now everything just feels so up in the air.

    Just wondered if anyone else had summer aboard weddings planned around the same time and how they’re feeling? 

    I’m reluctant to cancel (as could affect insurance claims etc) but also aware that Summer 2021 was already nearly booked up at our venue before this even happened, so finding a date next year and a time all our suppliers can do just seems very unlikely. So much hard work and money has been put into this, I just can’t believe what’s happening :(

    I keep going through phases of ‘what will be will be’ then other days just feel so unbelievably sad. My hen do is now cancelled, but the unknown of the wedding is just so difficult. Anyone else feeling the same? X



  • Posted: 23 Apr 2020 0:21

    Re: Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus

    I think all 2020 brides feel the same - I know I do.  End of June here and accepting that if it happens at all, it will probably just be with 2 witnesses but still feel a bit sad at the loss of our plans and the people who won't be there.

    It's the not knowing that is so hard, isn't it?!


  • Posted: 23 Apr 2020 13:53

    Re: Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus

    Hi lovely,

    We are also due to get married beginning of July in Portugal and we postponed because it’s still early days and we’ve got people flying in from all over the world where they still haven’t had the peak of cases   Having said that, when we asked about new dates for 2021, they were pretty much already sold out and asked if we would consider a week day For next year. When we booked 18 months ago, it was one of the few dates left for 2020  

    Given your wedding is end of August, I would hope the world is back moving again by then. We can’t be in lockdown forever as our economies will be beyond ruin. I would suggest checking in with your venue and see how flexible they are with changes - ours, for example, would refund anything or put it towards another date if you had to cancel up to a week before, so I think that’s the best approach honestly. Continue with your original date and see how flexible they are willing to be with changes.

    All of our suppliers so far have been extremely flexible and understanding so I think it should be the same with you. It’s mainly so far our guests that have been out of pocket for non refundable flights and accommodation etc so we are trying to help our guests where we can.  


  • Posted: 27 Apr 2020 22:42

    Re: Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus

    Where about in Portugal are you getting married? have you consider another venue or place?

  • Posted: 3 May 2020 8:58

    Re: Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus

    We are getting married just outside of Lisbon. No, we haven’t considered another venue as it’s the perfect venue for us and we’d lose our deposit. 

  • Posted: 10 May 2020 18:23

    Re: Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus

    Hello to all of you lovely ladies!


    Although not a destination wedding (we have too many oldies and vulnerable people to make it feasible), we have had to postpone our September wedding.  I know that's quite a way off, but I and many of our loved ones have chronic health issues which make a large gathering too risky.  We didn't want to plough on, and spend all that money, and only have half our guests. 

    We would rather postpone and have a real celebration when we can all be together again.  We have been very fortunate and all of our suppliers have accommodated a date change with no uplift in fees.

    It's a truly awful time, and like you, my feelings are all over the place.


    The reason I am posting on here is because of advice from both Simon Calder and Martyn Lewis regarding airlines and operators offering credit notes for cancelled flights and holidays.  Both say to insist on your legal right to a refund, because if they go bust, credit notes will not be worth the paper they are printed on.


    I would say, look at your finances, what would you stand to loose by postponing?  Most venues will be more than happy to move your wedding as it still guarantees them an income, rather than have you either cancel outright, or loose significant amounts of money on lost revenue if lots of people decline to attend if you hold on your original date.


    Love to you all.


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