A venue with excellent quality service that is historic/beautiful?

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  • Posted: 16 Dec 2019 16:51

    A venue with excellent quality service that is historic/beautiful?

    We have 9 months to get married before we move abroad. Originally chose Warwick castle for our venue but changed our minds after viewing without a tour and cancelled it. The chairs were all set up, basically cheap plastic with some white covers on top. The public were just allowed to climb all over them, covered in muddy kids footprints etc. It made us feel like peasents, didn't feel special, very public and very cheap feeling. I'm a little perfectionist and would be furious and horrified had I realised that on the day, also the fact that it isn't even cleaned before the wedding is a bit yuck. I also think that sets the tone of how the venue views its wedding guests. They never mentioned to me that day visitors had access to the wedding set up before hand! Public just wandering around while the wedding is on is also not safe for children. I assumed it would be quiet at that time, not at all! Second problem, we have small children that like climbing on everything so a museum-like venue is going to be stressful for us and them having to manage them all night anyway. If anybody had this situation themselves how have you dealt with it?

    I may have children but I didn't plan to have them before getting marrried and don't plan to downgrade wedding ambitions because of it but I will need to keep their needs in mind. I'm sure they will end up covered in chocolate by the end of the night and me too but so long as we get a few hours of understated glamour at the reception party I will be happy.

    We want a venue that is also perfectionist and will give us real quality for our money, excellent service, not just letting the scenery do the work. I want somethibng slick, stylish, tasteful, elegant and perfectly done, but not overdone. That's basically my approach to the whole wedding. The wedding venue also has to be touchable and safe for children but not based around their needs, it's not a childrens party lol, no bouncy castles although a child zone or an entertainer that fits the venue (we were thinking about a jester if at a castle) is already budgeted for.

    We also considered peckforton castle. My concern is that they offer a package wedding and I won't be happy if I don't have excellent quality service and food for that. Plus the celeb associations.

     Perhaps I would prefer a tipi diy wedding where I have full control? And children can roam. I'm really not sure though! I can't control the weather lol. Pros and cons? It can be rustic or boho but it still has to br seamless and beautifully done. 

    We prefer historical venues. Or a garden but again we need a reception option that will cater to our needs and not just treat us as cash cows. We would also go somewhere in europe if that helped. 

    Can anybody offer suggestions for venues or weddings they've been to that felt really well done and elegant so I can compare to what is available to us? 

    I don't actually like this wedding planning process! But as a small wedding on a hipp top is not an option for many reasons however much it would reduce my stress levels so we want to make it unarguably tasteful and beautiful. 

    Sorry for spelling errors I am writing on my mobile!




  • Posted: 21 Dec 2019 20:03

    Re: A venue with excellent quality service that is historic/beautiful?

    From what you've said, the one that comes to mind is Hazelwood Castle in Yorkshire.  You can dry hire the grounds for tipis.  If you're going down that route I'd recommend Aria Weddings, they are Leeds based Asian wedding specialists.  Doesn't matter if you're not Asian!  Their standards are very high.

    You could book a small tent for the kids and childcare staff.

  • Posted: 16 Jan 2020 2:05

    Re: A venue with excellent quality service that is historic/beautiful?

    Hedsor House is a fantastic venue that we really liked but ultimately didn't go for. They seem quite slick, elegant and very organised! It's also a really beautiful house that's tasteful and not brash. We've ended up picking Orchardleigh Estate in Somerset, which we love, but it's a little more rustic/less perfectionist than Hedsor appears to be. 

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