30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

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  • Posted: 31 May 2020 20:52

    30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new. I hope everyone is well and my sympathies to those who have had to postpone or cancel weddings due to COVID19. 

    So, I don’t think I’m alone in this dilemma from my reading, but ultimately my question is: to postpone or not?

    We are set to Wed at the end of October (or were) and now I’m absolutely freaking out. It’s 5 months away and I don’t know what to do. Honestly, I’m so fed up of people asking ‘will the wedding go ahead?!?’ 

    Is anyone else an October bride? What are your thoughts at this point? 

    I’m getting worried as I’m not willing to compromise on the 100 guest wedding we have planned... I’m sorry but a social distancing wedding just isn’t a wedding in my view! I want everyone to hug, laugh, share, enjoy. And yet, I’m worried that 2021 is getting verrrryyyy busy and if I don’t make a decision soon, we won’t get a date for 2021 should we choose to postpone. 

    Please girls, help!! This is a right ‘mare. 

    Thanks in advance xx 



  • Posted: 1 Jun 2020 11:08

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    Hi We are due to get married in september with 100 guests. If I was you I would sit tight. There’s so much happening and if you postpone to 2021 I think there are still going to be social distancing in place. You still have time people are working really hard to make things work at the moment. You have to think you are getting married for yourselves nobody else and if it matters that much nothing should spoil your day. It may not be the same wedding as you planned but we maybe the new trend setters for the future. Sit tight and stay positive. X

  • Posted: 1 Jun 2020 11:20

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    If you're set on 100 people and no social distancing then I'm so sorry but I think you will have to postpone.  I don't know what country your wedding is to be in, but most countries seem to be looking at very small weddings (10-20 people) and social distancing in late July/August, so I can't see that increasing to 100 with no social distancing a couple of months after that.


  • Posted: 1 Jun 2020 11:43

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    Obvsiouly would have some sort of social distancing in place  and we are having a marquee wedding so can expand if needed. I think you need to chill speak to your suppliers. If you have to have a smaller wedding you just have to deal with it at the end of the day your not getting married for anyone else but yourselves it’s not about what others say think or do it’s what you want but next year will be the same with social distancing and will still be different we are going to have to live with this virus so you just have to make your day work around it and I’m willing to cut numbers as we are getting married for us not anyone else. 

  • Posted: 1 Jun 2020 14:03

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??



    Thanks for your replies.

    i do understand what you’re saying and I agree I can’t see things improving that drastically by our wedding date, but for us it is definitely right to postpone and hope for the wedding we want. As much as we do want to marry, we really do want the wedding we planned and I would kick myself if I went ahead with a socially distanced wedding full of compromises and then next year things are a lot better. I understand it might not be, but I would be full of regret and it’s the chance I’m willing to take. 

    I have contacted the venue and I’m seeing if they can pencil us in for 29.10.21 instead. If by then things aren’t better then I’ll accept the world is truly b**gered and maybe we’ll press on with a wedding that isn’t our ideal. But I’m going to try and think optimistically!


  • Posted: 1 Jun 2020 18:54

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    It’s so hard isn’t it at the minute trying to plan anything. We were meant to get married 20th June and we have postponed. Our venue would only allow us to postpone to another date in 2020 and we can’t cancel as we still have to pay as per our contract. We are now meant to be getting married 23rd October 2020 and we were meant to be having about 90 guests to the day and then more in the evening. We doubt we will be able to have all those guests but as we have had it booked for 2 years I don’t want to delay getting married any longer so the way I see it we will get married with whatever guest count we can have. I think if you speak with your venue and see what options you have and then you can make a plan. You should have the day you both want at the end of the day if your dream is to have all your guests (and the not knowing about your October date is going to drive you mad) I would agree postponing until next year would be best. Good luck 😊 xxxx

  • Posted: 1 Jun 2020 20:13

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??


    Having a second date on standby is a good thing. As to what will happen? Nobody rightly knows and anyone who says they know with certainty are telling fibs. All I can say is so far all my August weddings and the month ahead of them are all going ahead as planned (that's 22 couples).

    Speak to your venue about the cost of cancelling as well. You're in a good legal position if the wedding can't go ahead due to government intervention but things start to get sketchy if you move / cancel way in advance of one.

    Personally I'm expecting weddings to be back on by the end of July or August at the latest. The next few weeks will be the ones to watch.

  • Posted: 2 Jun 2020 19:56

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    Our wedding was also 30th October this year, I was so excited as I adore autumn and Halloween. I’d picked my venue specifically to be abit spooky and collected so many copper pumpkins from home sense! 

    However I made the decision to postpone it at the end of April. I couldn’t deal with the uncertainly of it all, we have so much money invested in the wedding to make sure everyone we love is together. we’ve postponed to the end of February where I’m hoping the world will look a little different! 

    Everyday we get a little closer to normality and more things start to open, I have faith that by October you should be ok but if you, like me, would stress out about the uncertainly I would suggest you consider postponing for peace of mind. 

    Good luck!  


  • Posted: 2 Jun 2020 20:46

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    Ahh thank you 😊 I really hope and pray your October wedding is everything you want it to be! Such strange times we live in. Thank you for a lovely response. Xx

  • Posted: 2 Jun 2020 20:48

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    Thanks so much! It’s really nice to have thoughts from those in the industry. We have been pencilled in with the venue and registrar for 29th October 2021 as well, just in case, so it’s very much a wait and see now! 

  • Posted: 2 Jun 2020 20:54

    Re: 30th Oct 2020 - To postpone or not to postpone??

    I’m the same! I absolutely adore autumn - I think it’s beautiful! And I love the vibe around Halloween. We’re very similar in that we’ve got a Tudor Manor House so slightly on the gothic romantic side. Everything is very autumnal, including lots of lanterns and pumpkins. The bridesmaids are in emerald green. 

    I absolutely understand where you’re coming from and why you made that difficult decision. That couldn’t have been easy at all. Best of luck for your new wedding date xx

    As of today we are officially pencilled in with both the venue and registrar for our back up date - 29.10.21. Unlike you, we haven’t had to wait quite so long (we got engaged in October so the wedding was in exactly one year) and therefore we don’t mind waiting a bit if we have to, though not ideal. Admittedly I was relieved that the venue and registrar still had the date available for next year though! I teach so it had to fall in that Half term ideally as well. Logistical nightmare!

    Anyway... thank you so much for replying and for such a positive response. I feel like everything is so flipping doom and gloom at the moment, it gets me down!



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