11am too early??

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  • Posted: 9 Feb 2019 17:36

    11am too early??

    our church has just confirmed with us that the only time they have available for our ceremony is 11am, I am so worried that this will be too early!


    Will these timings work ok? 

    11am - wedding ceremony at Church

    12:15pm- photos with guests

    12:45pm - transport arrives 

    1:30pm - arrive at venue 

    1:45pm - drinks reception/canapés/photos 

    4pm -  wedding reception & speeches 

    6:30pm - room turnaround 

    7:30pm - night guests arrive


    i don’t want guests stood around being bored and tired, were having a large amount of guests in the day with another big group coming at night

  • Posted: 11 Feb 2019 10:46

    Re: 11am too early??

    Your timings look spot -on and I do not see any gaps, the only issue with 11am weddings would be a a thought about the time for guests to get to the Church and the a.m time you have to get up to start getting ready - more so the more bridesmaids you have.

    You did not mention the time of year, if winter then earlier is better for the light for the photos and if its summer then people can chill in the sunshine,  but a large amount of guests will also take extra time when moving them around, also with a later wedding you may of found that you have not properly spoken to the day guests before all the evening ones arrive.

  • Posted: 11 Feb 2019 11:10

    Re: 11am too early??

    Hi, Our wedding is in July 2020, we’ll be having a marquee outside for the drinks recption and for the room turnaround, which I think will give a change of scenery 

  • Posted: 13 Feb 2019 12:42

    Re: 11am too early??


    The timings look good - and you have a nice full day to get chance to greet everyone and take time to enjoy things - but I'm wondering whether you need to add a little something to the 1:45-4pm gap.

    If the wedding venue is a marquee, perhaps adding something like lawn games, or some music for entertainment whilst they enjoy the canapes?

    Are you having any children at the reception? If so, perhaps something to keep them entertained?

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