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12 Jan 2016

Planning Your Wedding Abroad in Lapland

by Caroline@hitched

A wedding abroad doesn’t have to mean a wedding on the beach or in a tropical climate, it could mean you have the ultimate winter wedding! Thomson Weddings share some of their best locations for a wedding abroad in Lapland.

Lapland wedding

Winter Wonderland

At the Winter Wonderland Venue, an icy lake, a frosty forest and a cosy gazebo come together with fairytale effect. You’ll arrive at this softly-lit hut on a traditional reindeer sleigh, before taking your place inside to make your pledges. The gazebo will be dressed in greenery and twinkly lights, and, you’ll say your vows looking out towards the lake, so the views are nothing short of spectacular. Once you’ve become man and wife, you’ll head to the Winter Wonderland Hotel for your reception. Tuck in to local cuisine, before wrapping up the day in the hotel’s cosy lakeside sauna. 

Snow Princess 

The Snow Princess is a brilliant choice if you’re looking to add a touch of authenticity to your wedding day. The ceremony will be held in a traditional Lappish Kota or tepee, which is surrounded by snow-dusted woodland. You’ll become Mr and Mrs beside a roaring fire, and your guests will be seated on stalls draped in cosy reindeer furs. The hut will be lit with torches and candles, too, so the mood will be really romantic. After you’ve made your promises, you’ll have photographs taken by the fire, before you head out to the chalk-white hills for more pictures. For an extra special touch, ask about your transport options – you can choose to arrive for your big day on a reindeer sleigh or a snowmobile. 

Wedding abroad in Lapland


If you like the idea of tying the knot in Lapland, but want the comfort of an indoor ceremony, take a look at Santamus. This rustic wooden restaurant has been designed to look like a Lappish glade. A stream runs through the centre of the building, sturdy tree trunks support the roof, and candle lights flicker like a camp fire in the forest. You’ll say ‘I do’ on a bridge over the water, before cutting your cake and enjoying a warming coffee with your guests. If you want to extend your celebrations, you can have your wedding breakfast here, too. The menu revolves around organic food, produced by local farmers. But the proof here is in the pudding. Nowhere else in the world serves dessert the way Santamus does. But that’s all we’re saying – we have to leave some surprises for you to experience when you get here. 

Visit Thomson Weddings for even more inspiration for your wedding abroad. 

Caroline x

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