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16 Apr 2014

Cheese Wedding Cake Tips and Tricks

by Fran @ Hitched

If you’re not a fan of sweet cakes or would like to feature a savoury wedding cake at your wedding reception then a cheese wedding cake could be your answer.

Whether you build it yourself or speak to a professional company to create a cheese wedding cake for you, you’ll need to take several things in to consideration, such as how many people you’re catering for, what types of cheeses to include and how to decorate your cake. 


Cheese experts at The Courtyard Dairy (www.thecourtyarddairy.co.uk) have a list of helpful cheese wedding cake tips and tricks featured on their website and I've hand-picked a few essential tips from their list to share with you.


  • Mix your selection of cheeses up a bit; hard, soft and blue cheeses are ideal so that your guests have a variety to choose from and to create balance and contrast in terms of stacking the cake.
  • Between 70-100g of cheese per guest is ideal if you are serving the cheese wedding cake after the wedding breakfast.
  • Have your cheese cake delivered 2 days before your wedding to ensure that it’s perfect when the big day arrives; cheese should be at room temperature when served. 




If you're interested in finding out more about how The Courtyard Dairy can help you, then why not contact them directly. Or, for traditional wedding cake inspiration browse the hitched.co.uk wedding cake inspiration gallery where you'll find over 1900 unique wedding cake ideas. 

Will you be choosing a cake made of cheese for your wedding? 

Fran x

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Published 16 Apr 2014 10:32 by Fran @ Hitched