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02 Oct 2013

Creative Wedding Décor; Ice Styling

by Fran @ Hitched

On the hitched.co.uk homepage this month we’re featuring an article with 10 truly unique ideas to feature at your wedding; from a personalised aisle runner to surprise wedding cake filling.

A personal favourite of mine however is the centrepiece designed by Ice Styling – a company that can create impressive and specifically tailored centre pieces and décor for your wedding made with ice.

Encase anything in ice, such as a specific wedding flower or decoration to match colour scheme, or why not really wow your guests as they enter your wedding reception with a table plan surrounded by ice. Swans in ice or personalised, inter-locking hearts and creative drink stands are also popular, more familiar options. 

I’m familiar with having ice in a drink, but when it comes to ordering it and displaying it at a wedding, I wanted to find out more.  I asked Clair Willsher from Ice Styling to help me answer the following questions:

How long in advance does an ice sculpture need to be ordered?

“In an ideal world, 3 to 4 weeks notice would be fabulous, but each bride is different.  I have bookings for 2016 that have been in our diary for over a year and I have other brides ringing me on the Thursday enquiring about Saturday availability…..”

What happens to the ice/water once it has melted?

“Each full size ice sculpture and table centrepiece is set up on a specially designed drip tray to collect the water as it melts. The larger pieces have a container hidden under the table that collects the water and the centrepiece display trays are also designed to collect and hold water for the length of the function. Then, at the end of the evening, everything is designed to be thrown away and generally the venue are more than happy to do this.”

How long (for how many hours) can I display an ice sculpture at my wedding before they melt away?

“Generally a full size ice sculpture will look good for around 5 to 6 hours. After this time and fine detailing would have melted away, for example, the feathers on a swan or any personalised engraving, but you will still have the basic shape of your sculpture there to see. To actually melt away to nothing would take in excess of 24 hours. With the centrepieces, these have been designed to last and look good for around 7 hours and are generally set up 60 – 90 minutes before the bridal party arrive at the reception, ready to eat. This will ensure that the ice sculptures look their absolute best when the guests first see them, often still being in place for the arrival of the evening guests to admire!”

If you’re wow’d by this idea and would like to find out more – you can contact Ice Styling directly via hitched – or visit their website (www.icestyling.co.uk) to see a collection of inspiring designs.

Fran x 

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Published 2 Oct 2013 13:35 by Fran @ Hitched