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24 Jul 2012

Finicky Groom

by Fran @ Hitched

If your groom-to-be is finicky about his clothing and you are worried about his groom attire for your big day, then take a look at Finicky (www.finickyshirts.com).  

Finicky specialise in made-to-measure luxury tailored shirts for men, and offer an online design and order service - worldwide.  Your groom could design his own wedding shirt to his specific requirements, choosing from a wide choice of outstanding quality and style options.

Designing a shirt is easy with Finicky and for a tailored shirt, the price is pretty amazing too! Using an easy step by step guide, your groom-to-be can choose a fabric and colour, followed by a body type, collar type, pocket style, cuffs, buttons and more, before adding his exact measurements into the system.

You’d expect a tailored item of clothing to come at a high price, seeing as it is made-to-fit your body only, but Finicky shirts are priced at just £64.95, which not only make them work well with any wedding budget, but they could also make a great thank you gift for the rest of the grooms party!

Vouchers are also available, making a Finicky shirt the perfect birthday, Christmas or Valentines Day gift for your groom-to-be.

Visit www.finickyshirts.com to help your groom design his own wedding shirt for the big day ahead.

Fran x 


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Published 24 Jul 2012 10:13 by Fran @ Hitched
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