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05 Jul 2018

Church of England Warns Wedding Guests Not to Check Phones During World Cup Match - Here's What to Do Instead

by helen@hitched

Wedding guests have been warned to switch off their mobile phones during England's World Cup quarter-final match against Sweden on Saturday by the Church of England.

The game begins at 3pm, which is a popular time for wedding ceremonies and the wedding breakfast, and has prompted the Church to issue a red card to those who want to steal a look at the score rather than focusing on the couple saying 'I do'.

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The Revd Sandra Millar, the CofE’s head of life events, said: “For those attending a wedding service at 3pm, I’d strongly encourage you to make sure you are fully on-side with the happy couple and switch off your mobile phone in advance.”

While a quick peek "may be forgiven" at the reception, she warned against doing it in the church itself.

With nerves an expected part of most couples' big day, Revd Sandra was on hand with a word of comfort.

"For those getting married on Saturday, like England fans you might experience a few nerves, but you can be sure that it will also be the best day of your life, with memories to cherish.

"Who knows, come 6pm, that may be something you share with the rest of the nation too," she said.

The quarter-final match against Sweden on Saturday is the first time England have reached this stage in the World Cup since 2006 and fans are gearing up for a nail-biter of a game.

It's meant that lots of couples hosting their wedding that afternoon have had to make arrangements to accommodate the game - including screenings at their reception.

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Matt Yeo and fiancee Sophie Wood, both 30, told The Telegraph that they've implemented a mobile phone ban from 3pm, and are bringing in a projector, TV and even a satellite dish so that they can screen that match 'as live' as 5pm.

Matt said, "It has changed our plans quite dramatically. My fiancee Sophie is not a football fan and is very against the idea of having any football because you don't want to detract from the big day.

"But I felt that everyone will be looking at their phones or feeling like they wish they were watching it.”

He said that they've altered the timings slightly so that the speeches start at 3pm and distract guests until they can all watch after the wedding breakfast.

Proving he'll make a resourceful future husband, Matt added: "I've even made posters as well saying turn phones off at 3pm."

England fans have taken to Twitter to vent about the clashing weddings.

"Petition to move the @england game to 7pm because my mum inconveniently decided to get married on Saturday at 3pm," wrote a furious Kieran Gould.

Image: Blue Lily Weddings

One guest said he'd be adopting a new dress code. "I’ve got a wedding Saturday, England are on. My England shirt will be worn, not my suit. ITS COMING HOME!!"

Twitter user Richard Roper predicted a horrible outcome if anyone does sneakily watch. "Going to be at a wedding on Saturday. If it was a Carling advert I'd see on my phone that England had scored and shout 'Yes!' just as the vicar's asked if anyone present knows of any reason why these two people etc."

Lewis Thompson had absolutely no sympathy for 2018 grooms who should have thought ahead. "Watching ITV news and couples are saying they are in a dilemma as they are getting married this Saturday and clashes with the England game.. No sympathy at all.. Get married on an odd number year like me, 2019, no summer tournament.. Idiots."

Brides everywhere were reluctantly accepting that a screening couldn't be helped.

Bride-to-be Molly Anderson tweeted, "Embracing the fact our wedding is on Saturday & the game will be streamed #couldntmakeitup."

So what should you do if the England match clashes with your wedding? Here's hitched's advice on how to keep your guests happy without spoiling your ceremony.

  • If your ceremony falls during the time of the match then anyone watching it on their phones is a big no no (no exceptions!), but if it’s during the time of your reception then it might be an idea to nominate a member of the bridal party or your master of ceremonies to keep the room up-to-date with any goals.
  • Many weddings are now social media free, so why not promise your guests that you’ll stream the match later in the evening if they can resist finding out the score before then?
  • If you and your partner are both football fans then why not embrace the fun and ask your venue for a screen to show the whole match? Have some bubbles ready to toast the team and yourselves at the end too!
  • Should you really want to embrace the England match, you can easily add lots of little footballing nods to your day. Give out mini chocolate footballs as wedding favours, have your page boy in football boots, set up some kickabout games outside and even make sure you play 'Football's Coming Home' during your evening DJ session.

What would you do if your wedding clashed with a big match? Let us know in the comments!



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