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06 Jun 2018

Aldi Launches New Budget-Friendly Wedding Wine Service That Could Save Couples Hundreds

by rima@hitched

With the average cost of UK weddings higher than it’s ever been (£32,273 to be exact!), engaged couples everywhere are looking for the best ways to save money on their wedding.

Hoping to cut at least one hidden wedding cost, Aldi have launched a new online wedding site dedicated to helping couples save money on their wedding wine - and get you champagne for just £2 a glass!

With wedding drinks being the fifth biggest wedding cost at a whopping £1,342, cutting back the cost of wedding alcohol can make a huge difference to your wedding spend.

Aldi claims that couples can save a huge £288 on champagne alone by choosing the Aldi Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut NV compared to Veuve Clicquot.

The budget supermarket have worked out that nine bottles of fizz is enough for 50 guests and using their own-brand French champagne, this comes in at a purse-friendly £71.91 - or £2 a glass for their bargain bubbles.

Their new site, Aldi.co.uk/wedding-wines, includes everything from advice on how many bottles you needs to wine pairings.

If you're looking for some advice ahead of buying your booze, here are a few of Aldi's top wedding wine tips:

Keep It Simple

The key to buying wine for a large gathering is to keep it simple – lighter white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc pair well with fish and chicken, whereas a bolder red such as a Malbec pairs well with a red meat dish.

Know Your Numbers

Guests tend to be thirstier at the beginning of the party so allow for two glasses each. The ideal aperitif wine is a dry, light and easy-drinking white or, of course, a Champagne or Prosecco. Allow for three glasses of wine per guest during the meal. Go for screwcaps for ease.

Cater For Every Guest

Did you know most wines aren't vegan? The process used to clarify wine often uses things like a milk protein or egg whites.  Keep vegan or veggie guests happy with vegan-friendly wine options like their Exquisite Collection Argentinian Malbec, £5.99.

Stop Hangovers In Their Tracks

Avoid awkward dad dancing by offering lower alcohol wines such as the Animus Vinho Verde £4.79 which is only 11% ABV or the 5.5% Frizzante Rosé.     

Speaking about the new launch and move towards cheaper wedding alcohol, MD of Buying at Aldi UK, Julie Ashfield said: “Now that wedding season has officially begun, we’re making it easier than ever for shoppers to choose the right wine when it comes to toasting on their special day.

“We’ve seen an increase in shoppers coming to Aldi to buy their wines for their wedding, as they know they can get great quality wines but without a hefty price tag. To help make the process even simpler we have created a dedicated page online, that will help guide them through our selection of quality wines, and offer them helpful tips and advice along the way.”

So, will you be heading to your local Aldi on the hunt for wedding alcohol or is a £1,000 price tag reasonable for you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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