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21 Feb 2018

Bride Slammed for Rant About Bridesmaid Putting on Weight

by rima@hitched

A bride-to-be has taken to Facebook to rant about one of her bridesmaids putting on weight in the lead-up to her wedding.

In the controversial post, the bride wrote:

“I’m getting married in a few months and one of my bridesmaids has put on at least 20 kilos since asking her to be my bridesmaid so she is bursting out of the seams of the dresses I have picked for them all and she looks awful in it.”

Continuing with her story, the bride admitted she now wants to replace her with someone else amid fears she will ‘ruin’ her wedding photographs.

“I have brought this up with her and she has offered to pay for alterations or a new dress but in all honesty I’d rather just replace her with someone else as she will totally ruin my wedding photos.”

Ending the shocking post, the bride asked other members of the ‘Kmart Mums Australia – Rants’ group what their advice is for asking the bridesmaid to step down, writing: “What’s the best way to tell her I don’t want her as my bridesmaid anymore.”

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Members of the group were quick to question the bride’s unreasonable attitude towards her friends weight gain. Questioning the appearance of the bride herself, one wrote: “Weight issues or not this bridezilla is lucky she has friends to be her bridesmaids. I’m guessing she’s a Victoria Secret model herself?”

Another asked: “What if your friends are ugly but they’re wonderful people? Would you rent models to act as bridesmaids at your wedding?”

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One woman shared her own experience of putting on weight for a friend’s wedding where the weight gain wasn’t an issue at all: “My best friend asked me to be a maid of honour and I got pregnant had the baby, am literally more than 20kg above what I weighed when she asked me.

“I offered to pull out and she said ‘b***h O am not getting married without you next to me’. Dress looks horrid and I’ll have a four week old but that’s what a real friend says.”

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One particularly angered user wrote: “Tell her exactly what you said on here and see how that goes. I hope she punches you in the face and ruins your looks for your wedding day.”

Whilst there were some comments in favour of the bride’s opinion, the majority of users slammed the woman for the harsh criticism of her friend.

What’s your take on this, is the bride totally out of order for complaining about her bridesmaid’s weight gain or should this never be an issue?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Published 21 Feb 2018 9:28 by rima@hitched