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12 Feb 2018

Adorable or Awkward? Idris Elba Proposes In Front Of Packed Cinema

by helen@hitched

Idris Elba clearly couldn't wait until Valentine's Day when he asked his girlfriend to marry him this weekend.

The Luther star popped the question to American beauty queen Sabrina Dhowre, 29, at the Rio Cinema in East London at a screening of his directorial debut Yardie on 10th February.

Fans in the audience shared videos of the moment when Idris, 45, got down in one knee and Sabrina can be heard emotionally saying a big "yes" while the crowd cheer in the background.

Image: GP Images/WireImage

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Idris has been dating model Sabrina, who was crowned Miss Vancouver in 2014, since early 2017. It will be Idris's third time of walking down the aisle after marrying Henne Norgaard in 1999 and a brief four month marriage to Sonya Hamlin in 2006.

The news sent fans of the actor into meltdown as they realised their dreams of a V-Day proposal were no longer on the cards.

"Just found out Idris Elba is engaged. Please keep me in your prayers during this difficult time," wrote @goldengateblond.

"Just read "idris elba proposed to his girlfriend" so why do i not see the ring on my finger," asked another.

Melinda Doolittle spoke for all of us: "Hi. Idris Elba is engaged now. I really am so happy for him and his wife to be. In other news, Valentine’s Day is canceled."

However, it also sparked some debate over the marmite spectacle of a public proposal: adorable or awkward?

The majority of fans seemed to be set against getting down on one knee in front of a crowd.

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Natalie Walker tweeted, "If Idris Elba is a public marriage proposal guy then I think we actually would not have been a good match after all, so its okay:-)"

Mimi agreed, "Idris Elba is a public proposal kinda guy???? it makes sense why it never worked between us. The universe knew."

"The fact that Idris Elba did a public proposal makes him no longer hot to me," Desi wrote.

One fan even called out the proposal as a "tragic" publicity stunt.

"Something really tragic about Idris Elba resorting to a public proposal to his girlfriend. He's on his last wheels as a "leading man"," @SuliaJenifa wrote.

The argument is that a public proposal can be pretty manipulative if you put your partner in a position where they feel they can't say no, or downright humiliating if you get a no.

On the other hand, if it's a public place that has some special significance to the two of you, like the restaurant you had your first date or a sports match featuring your favourite team, then it can be a really personal and thoughtful moment despite the crowds.

Image: Instagram/@djgotback

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We've come up with some etiquette to follow if you're planning a public proposal.

1. Check your partner likes being the centre of attention. Idris' partner is an actress and model so she's used to the limelight. If the love of your life is cripplingly shy, then really think if it's right for them.

2. Decide if you want to go "small public" or "big public". There's a huge difference between getting down on one knee in front of their family, like Shayne Ward did, or asking someone to marry you live on a TV show, for example. 

3. Anticipate your answer. Is there a small chance you might get rejected? Then don't do it. There's nothing more awkward for every party involved and all onlookers than hearing a no. This is even more important if you plan on having someone capture the moment on camera - unless you're after a viral YouTube hit.

4. Be heartfelt. You should list all the reasons you want to spend your life with that person during a proposal; if being in public makes you hold back on telling your partner exactly how you feel, then do it in private.

Whether you like them or not, Danielle Radford was most realistic. "Please stop acting like y’all wouldn’t have accepted Idris’ public proposal," she tweeted. 

Congratulations to Idris and Sabrina! What do you think of a public proposal?


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