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09 Nov 2017

Frugal Bride Asks Guests for Cash Towards the Wedding as Engagement Gift

by rima@hitched

We’ve all heard of cash gift lists - a recent trend that's becoming more and more common amongst engaged couples.

But one bride has taken the idea of a cash gift list even further, resulting in some outraged Mumsnet users!

A wedding guest of the bride in question took to the popular forum to complain about a ‘cheeky’ request the bride had made ahead of her engagement party.

“I’m not offended. I’m seriously tickled though at the sheer brass balls of the request. It’s not even a wedding, it’s actually just the engagement party but the bride to be has posted ‘For all those who are coming tomorrow and don’t know what to get us, we don’t want presents, we want money towards the wedding’.”

The user continued to express her fears at what the other engagement party guests may think of the bride’s frugal request.

“I think I shall most likely be giving money seeing as that’s what she’s asked for but she’s brave asking as I assume other people might get uptight about these sorts of things.”

Other Mumsnet users were quick to share their opinions on the situation.

One wrote: “So the engagement party is a fishing trip to pay for the wedding? You’ve got to admire them. I wonder if the wedding depends on the cash gifts. Like if you put in £50 you’re a day and evening guest and if you put in a tenner you’re evening only…”

Another added: “If they’re struggling to pay for their own wedding, maybe they should just go to a flipping registry office.

“I actually really hate it when people post things like that. You want to get married, pay for it yourself. I’d just give them a card lol.”

The original poster added a twist to the thread when she admitted that this wasn’t actually the bride's first engagement...

They wrote: “The thing is though, this is her second or third engagement but will be her first wedding. If it doesn’t proceed, can I ask for my money back or is that bad form?”

What do you think – is asking for money towards the wedding at the engagement party distasteful, or would you be happy to contribute?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Published 9 Nov 2017 10:53 by rima@hitched