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08 Nov 2017

Wedding Guests Reveal the Things They Hate the Most About Weddings

by rima@hitched

We’ve previously written about wedding guests sharing the worst weddings they’ve ever been to, including an infidelity incident (on the day!) and a wedding food faux pas that didn’t go down well.

Taking the matter even further, Candykings Parties have recently conducted a survey to discover what wedding guests hate most about attending a wedding – and the results are in!

What's the biggest annoyance about the wedding ceremony?

When asked what their biggest annoyance was when it comes to the wedding ceremony, 45% of guests admitted crying babies are their biggest irritant - by far the largest percentage.

In second place came the inability to hear the bride and groom, with 19% of the vote, and people’s phones going off wasn’t far behind with 16%.

Swooping fourth and fifth place were cold churches, with 9% of the vote, and a very late bride which came in at 8%.

What’s your biggest annoyance about being a guest at a wedding?

‘Having to wait a long time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast without being fed’ came in at number one with 26% of the vote.

The second biggest pain about being a wedding guest, with 18%, was the overall cost of attendance, and in third was remote locations at 14%.

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Being seated next to strangers (12%), unclear dress codes (9%), bad food (8%) and children (2%) also made the cut in things that most annoyed guests about attending a wedding.

What 'new' wedding trend do you dislike the most?

At a staggering 30%, the winner here was couples creating their own wedding hashtag.

Second place was just 1% behind with 29% of the vote going to giant light-up letters, while 19% voted for alternative wedding cakes that aren't actually cake!

Flower crows came in at 11% in fourth place, and the fifth most annoying 'new trend' for wedding guests was food trucks which won 6% of the vote.

So wedding guests, do you agree with the results of this survey? If not, what’s the one thing you hate most about attending a wedding?

Let us know in the comments below!

Survey carried out by Candyking Parties.

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Published 8 Nov 2017 10:10 by rima@hitched