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17 Jul 2017

Discologic Reveal the 'Throwback' Party Songs Every Wedding Reception Needs

by rima@hitched

With so much choice out there for your wedding music, it can be hard to settle on a theme, style and individual song choices.

Award-winning DJ company Discologic have been in the business for over 18 years and are experts when it comes to putting together a legendary soundtrack that will keep your guests on their feet all night long.

When we asked them what the most popular music theme for weddings was, there was no question about it... Apparently these days, everyone is asking for a ‘throwback’ soundtrack.

But why?

We’ll let the guys from Discologic explain this one:

“Music is like a smell” (stick with us on this one…)

"With so many of our brides and grooms being aged between their late twenties to late thirties they all grew up during what is now known as the ‘old-school period’ in terms of music.

“The memory of the first time you heard your favourite track back in the day will be embedded in your memory so when you hear it again, all of your happy memories come flooding back!”

So it makes perfect sense – why wouldn’t you want the music you grew up partying to, to be played at your wedding?

Discologic shared with us the top 10 throwback tunes for couples who want to re-live ‘the good old times’ on their special day.

Show Me Love – Robin S

If this (massive) tune doesn’t get everyone at your wedding on their feet then we’re not sure what will. Guests who don’t get up and dance to this one need to leave, no one needs friends like that in their life.

Sorry – Monsta Boy

Garage-loving couples will be transported back to the best time of their lives with this song. It’s one of those songs that you forget existed and then it comes on and you remember what happiness really feels like – no exaggeration.

Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison

When it’s time to get the wedding reception really moving, be sure to whack this track on. It’s the perfect song to introduce the disco part of the evening and anyone can dance to it – all it requires is a side step and a click of the fingers.

Turn Me On – Kevin Lyttle

This song is a world-famous floor filler. Get it playing once people have had an hour or two to drink – we guarantee your guests will be racing to the dance floor from the bar. It’s also a great song to expose your guests’ true colours – you’ll be surprised what Kevin Lyttle can do to some people!

Insomnia – Faithless

Whether you’re a raver today or you were a raver 20 years ago, you'll be able to vibe with this song - it guarantees three things, a packed dance floor, all hands in the air and truly dedicated voices chanting along to the words.

Just in Case – Jaheim

One for the couples, old and new. It’s a ‘wrap your arms around each other and sway as one’ kind of song and is a great choice to play after the first dance to get more and more people to join you and your partner underneath the disco ball.

Dreamer – Livin Joy


Yeah – Usher

We have one question for you: Is a wedding reception even a wedding reception if the DJ doesn’t play Usher? The answer to that is no because this man is the king of R&B and the king of floor-fillers.

Another great thing about this song is it’s super easy to sing along to, just say ‘yeah’ every now and then and you’ll have everyone fooled.

Imagine - Shola Ama

Here’s one that all the ladies at your wedding will love. We all know that when Shola Ama comes on, it means it’s time to wave your ’uh-huh’ finger around and bring the attitude – this isn’t a wedding reception anymore, it’s a performance. *insert sassy girl emoji*

Tell Me it’s Real – K-Ci & JoJo

Fear not, the voices of velvet (a.k.a K-Ci and JoJo) are here. Slowing it down and belting out a ballad with your closest friends and family is the best way to end a wedding. A song like this brings everyone together and is perfect for finishing off the night.

To find out more about the wonderful Discologic, visit their listing here.


What’s classic ‘throwback’ song would you have on your music list?

Let me know in the comments below…

Rima X

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