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31 Mar 2015

Boost Your Relationship Ahead of the Wedding

by zoe@hitched

Too often the stress of planning a wedding can zap the fun out of your engagement. You may not be the next bridezilla but are your preparations stealing attention away from your man? Whilst you may be buzzed by the invitations, seating plan and venue options, you can’t be sure that your fiancé is so enthralled. Sophia Ledingham, relationship psychologist and dating expert, suggests that implementing a wedding-free date night can keep the romance alive during the lead up to the big day. 

Sophia has shared her essential tips for successful pre-wedding date nights…

1. Ditch the planning

Remember it’s date night not a project planning session or diary meeting.  The focus should be on each other and not on your ‘to-do’ list. If you find it too tempting not to cover some essential wedding admin, try to limit it to five minutes and use one of those transit moments like moving from the bar to the restaurant.

2. Resist distractions

Keep your eye on the prize—your other half—and avoid distractions on date night. Your partner is more important than calls from friends, the latest Instagram post, or news of marked down wedding gowns. Reinforce how special they are and try to listen to them carefully, as you would to an important client or cherished friend. There is nothing more flattering.

3. Keep positive

Being negative, moody and grumpy (like a bridezilla) is highly unattractive. Did you know that smiling and expressing positivity actually makes you more desirable? Also, positivity is proven to be contagious, so the simple of act of being cheery will make the whole evening more fun. 

4. Celebrate your togetherness

Often in the run up to a wedding you can lose sight of the bigger picture: your hopes, vision and dreams beyond the big day. Be sure to take time to celebrate your engagement, share your heartfelt wishes and toast your future. This small gesture can help consolidate your commitment to each other. Don’t forget the fizz!

Sophia Ledingham’s guide to the perfect Date Night - The Date Night Manifesto is out now. To find out more visit www.datenightmanifesto.com

Zoe x

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Published 31 Mar 2015 10:04 by zoe@hitched