Real Weddings Abroad

Chelise & Ian
In Cyprus on 10-Jul-2015
Kerry & Matthew
In Cyprus on 05-Jun-2015
Annemarie & Rhys
In Ireland on 07-Aug-2014
Kate & Adam
In Greece on 29-Jun-2015
Denise & Steve
In Philippines on 12-Jan-2015
Tina & David
In Gibraltar on 24-Apr-2015
Charlotte & Edward
In the Seychelles on 04-Aug-2010
Simona & Mark
In Cuba on 02-Dec-2014
Dorianne & Hiren
In Spain on 06-Sep-2014
Sonal & Asghar
In Italy on 27-May-2014
Kuksy & Tolu
In North America on 31-Oct-2013
Laura & Rob
In Spain on 30-May-2014
Rhiannon & Richard
In Spain on 26-May-2014
Noreen & Danny
In North America on 05-Mar-2014
Danielle & Piers
In Barbados on 09-Nov-2013
Alisha & John
In Jamaica on 17-Feb-2014
Laura & Jason
In Italy on 14-Sep-2013
Pree & Tom
In India on 13-Dec-2013
Shara & Matt
In Mexico on 27-May-2013
Helen & Daniel
In France on 08-Jun-2013
Samantha & Stewart
In Las Vegas on 23-Dec-2013
Lara & Chris
In Orlando on 09-Sep-2013
Tanya & Ian
In Cyprus on 26-May-2013
Patricia & Paul
In Malta on 30-Jul-2013
Hiyam & Tommy
In Sri Lanka on 18-Sep-2012
Danielle & Mike
In Spain on 20-Sep-2012
Sian & John
In Cyprus on 20-May-2012
Rachel & Gareth
In Spain on 06-Oct-2012
Christy & Roman
In Switzerland on 01-Sep-2012
Carla & Joe
In Malta on 03-Sep-2012
Debbie & David
In Malta on 07-May-2012
Dorota & Joseph
In Croatia on 31-Aug-2012
Amanda & Julian
In Italy on 16-Jul-2012
Akanksha & Anant
In India on 28-Jun-2010
Charlotte & Neil
In Spain on 23-Jun-2012
Vicky & Andy
In Greece on 07-Jul-2012
Louise & Steven
In the Caribbean on 16-May-2012
Kelly-Ann & Stuart
In Greece on 02-Jun-2012
Laura & Andrew
In Cyprus on 30-May-2012
Vivian & David
In Malaysia on 26-Feb-2012
Louise & Stuart
In Italy on 10-Sep-2010
Lynsey & Daniel
In Spain on 29-Sep-2009
Catherine & John
In Cyprus on 01-Sep-2011
Julie & Steven
In Spain on 31-May-2011
Jane & Alan
In France on 21-May-2011
Tina & Michael
In Cuba on 18-Apr-2011
Nichola & Paul
In Australia on 24-Feb-2011
Charlotte & Ryan
In South Africa on 03-Nov-2010
Emma & James
In Cyprus on 07-Sep-2010
Rebecca & Andrew
In Mauritius on 21-Jan-2010

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