Maid Of Honour/Best Woman Example Wedding Speeches

Speeches are not just for the men of the wedding party. Nowadays many ladies in the entourage like to say a few words and this is a great way to say a special thank you to the couple for asking you to play an important role on their special day.

The Maid of Honour speech should be light-hearted and have just the right amount of sentiment to allow for some oohs and aaahs! The guests will love to hear some funny stories about the bride; maybe some anecdotes of when you grew up together or a special milestone that you both shared. Try to include poignant message; say something from the heart. This is a great time for you to tell the Bride how much she means to you!

You can include in your Maid of Honour speech a special note about the Bride’s parents and maybe a happy memory if you have a relationship with them.

In your Maid of Honour speech, you should thank the other Bridesmaids for their help in making today wonderful for their friend and for being a big part of the special day.

You’ll find plenty of examples to help you create a memorable speech. Please free to send us a copy if yours to help others!

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Maid Of Honour/Best Woman Wedding Speeches

Jul 2014
Courtney C
Aug 2015
Jamie M
Jun 2015
Oct 2015
Katie C.
Jun 2015
Catherine H
Oct 2015
May 2014
Jessica Lowe
Sep 2012
Traci Jones
Aug 2014
Aug 2006
Apr 2014
Catherine Roper
Jul 2009
Jul 2016
May 2014
Rae O'Brien
Aug 2012
Jan 2015
Amber Hopper
Jul 2010
Chris White
Jul 2006
Phil James
Jul 2006
Sarah Worthen
Jul 2006
Abi John
Sep 2012
Holly Burdall
Feb 2012
Kim Nguyen
Oct 2001
Nov 2011
Jaime Hardwick
Jul 2006
Jayne Corrigan
Aug 2012
Chrissy N
Jun 2015
Elaine Tang
Oct 2001
Jun 2015
Feb 2002
Trisha Telfer
Sep 2013
Oct 2013
Kate Munden
Jun 2006
Aug 2012
Jessica Heard
Jan 2004
Roberta Sinclair
Nov 2002
May 2004
Tihana Schmidt
Jul 2006
Alison Panasiewicz
Jul 2006
Oct 2006
Jodi Miller
May 2001
Oct 2013
Susie Barroso
Oct 2001
Azalea Dominguez
Oct 2006
Kate Watts
Jul 2006
Bhavisha Mistry
Apr 2002
Stephanie J Foster
Jul 2002
Gill Mandeep
Mar 2003
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