Prelude Songs

The music played as guests gather to their seats prior to the wedding ceremony.

  • 1
    From 76 votes
  • 2
    From 36 votes
  • 3
    A Brides Guide To Wedding Music
    From 23 votes
  • 4
    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
    From 22 votes
  • 5
    Pachelbel Orchestra
    From 19 votes
  • 6
    The Proclaimers
    From 15 votes
  • 7
    Claude Debussy
    From 13 votes
  • 8
  • 9
    Carter Burwell, Dan Redfeld and Elizabeth Hedman
    From 12 votes
  • 10
    From 11 votes
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Top 5 Wedding Songs

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    From 608 votes
  • 2
    Pachelbel Orchestra
    From 569 votes
  • 3
    From 472 votes
  • 4
    Charlene Soraia
    From 395 votes
  • 5
    Etta James
    From 304 votes
The prelude music at your wedding will set the tone for your ceremony and the rest of your wedding celebration. As guest arrive at the church or your wedding venue, prelude music will give them an insight to the style of wedding they are about to witness. Whether you play traditional wedding music or something a little more familiar and current, the prelude music at your wedding will relax and excite guests who are ready to view your magical wedding ceremony. Depending on the style of your wedding venue, your wedding music supplier can advise you on the best type of prelude music to choose during this portion of your wedding day. The same goes for the time of day you choose to host your wedding. The prelude music at your wedding should get your wedding guests calm and ready to celebrate your very special occasion.