Cake Cutting Songs

A tune played as the bride and groom slice through their gorgeous wedding cake.

  • 1
    Adam Sandler
    From 27 votes
  • 2
    Eric Carmen
    From 16 votes
  • 3
    Florence + the Machine
    From 13 votes
  • 4
    Marvin Gaye
    From 11 votes
  • 5
    Bruno Mars
    From 11 votes
  • 6
    Natalie Cole
    From 9 votes
  • 7
    The Foundations
    From 7 votes
  • 8
    Anita Baker
    From 5 votes
  • 9
    Angela Lansbury, Jerry Orbach & Chorus - Beauty an
    From 5 votes
  • 10
    Beyonce Knowles
    From 4 votes
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Top 5 Wedding Songs

  • 1
    From 609 votes
  • 2
    Pachelbel Orchestra
    From 572 votes
  • 3
    From 473 votes
  • 4
    Charlene Soraia
    From 396 votes
  • 5
    Etta James
    From 306 votes
The cake cutting is another wedding day tradition that will make for a main photo from your wedding day. Often taking place after the wedding breakfast, the cake cutting lies in a part of the wedding day where guests are chatting rather than dancing. For this reason, brides and grooms often decide that the cake cutting is a part of the wedding day suited to some gentle background wedding music, rather than a musical performance. Couples with a singer among their wedding guests may ask the aforementioned guest to sing during an event such as the cake cutting, offering entertainment and including their guests in the memorable moment and special day. For couples keen to go against the grain, why not make the wedding day custom of cake cutting more of a moment by playing dramatic wedding music while the bride and groom cut the wedding cake.