What You Need to Know About Wedding Gift Lists

We've compiled everything you need to know to make sure you pick the right wedding gift list for you

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Organising a wedding can take a long time and once you have decided on the date, venue and dress, there is still a huge list of things to plan and arrange. Possibly one of the more exciting ‘jobs’ is choosing a wedding gift list. This is a unique opportunity for you as a couple to choose what you would like your friends and family to buy for you to in celebration of your big day. You need to choose a gift list service that suits you as a couple, and the style of wedding that you are planning on having.

To save you the hard work, hitched.co.uk has taken a look at all the options and companies who provide a Wedding list service. The following list of hints and tips will hopefully make choosing your wedding list an exciting and pain free task.

First of all, do your homework. You should make sure that you have started looking for your wedding list service at least two months before you plan to send out the invitations. Do some research; Ask friends who have recently been married where they had their list and whether or not they were happy with the service they received. What would they have changed? How easy was it to create their list? Were their presents delivered on time? Would they have wanted to have seen an improvement in any area? This will help you to ask the right questions when you check out the various options.

A traditional type of gift list would be offered from your nearest department store such as House of Fraser, or John Lewis. Department stores are great if you’re looking for a list of traditional and general household items, and they also have a wide variety as well. If you do decide to go with a department store, you should set aside a weekend to wander around the different sections of the store together to check out their products and compile your list. Be aware that some restrictions may apply and you can’t always put everything you see in store on your list; So make sure you are clear about the rules before you start choosing. Department stores can provide you with personal attention and usually have a dedicated planner or assistant who will guide you all the way through your wedding list planning. Always remember to ask about any extra charges that may be involved such as delivery, or any other special offers that may be available to your guests as an incentive if they do happen to purchase a gift for you on the list.

If department store shopping is not your thing then there are several other options that might suit you as a couple. If you are just setting up home together and need to either re-decorate or spruce up a couple of rooms in the house then a company who supplies store vouchers is ideal for you. 1bigpresent.co.uk lets your guests contribute money towards an account, which you can then translate into vouchers of your choice. A quarter of your fund could be turned into Argos vouchers, another quarter into Ticketmaster vouchers, your third quarter into Toys “R” Us vouchers if you have children, and the fourth lot could be given as a gift back to sightsavers, which can be a lovely touch. There is no downside to this type of gift list and it avoids any sort of delivery charge and/or confusion for your guests if they can’t decide on what to buy you off a regular gift list.

Attentively you could opt for something slightly different in the form of a company called Bottom Drawer. In a similar fashion to 1bigpresent.co.uk, Bottom Drawer invites your guests to contribute money towards a gift fund online, which you as a couple can then turn into a dream present, such as a luxury new kitchen, garden make-over, or once in a life time honeymoon. This type of gift list is ideal for couples who already live together and don’t need any smaller household appliances or furnishings. Registering with voucher related gift list companies is quick and easy and doesn’t require day’s worth of face to face meetings or searching for your own gifts before creating the list. This type of list is definitely for the net savvy couple and those who want to make their wedding gift list experience easy and convenient for their guests.

Presentwise is another company to have recently emerged into the online gift list market. This fantastic concept allows you as a couple to pick and choose what ever presents you like, from whatever companies you favour at any time. Besides giving you loads of ideas, the registration is free and the website is really easy to navigate. The world of online shopping is at your fingertips and you also have the opportunity to be put into various prize draws. Presentwise is accessible to anyone and everyone and is a hitched.co.uk recommendation for your wedding gift list.

hitched.co.uk hopes that you have found the above gift list information helpful and wish you the best of luck in selecting the perfect company for your wedding gift list.

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