A Green Gift List Idea

Are you a garden lover? - A bright idea for a gift list.

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Tucked inside the wedding invitation is a polite card detailing your chosen Gift List Service... Your family and friends, whilst thrilled by the news of your forthcoming wedding may feel less inspired by your list. Can they afford to buy the whole dinner service? Will the gift of two plates seem a little mean... despite the price tag?

The familiar refrain of ‘towels and toasters’, springs to mind when we consider traditional wedding gift lists, indeed toasters nowadays are very hi-tech, but do you really need another? If you are marrying the boyfriend you have been sharing a house with for the last few years no doubt you already have many household items, so creating your gift list may be problematic. Some people solve this dilemma with vouchers towards the honeymoon, or a cellar-full of expensive wine, but more and more people now are opting for garden based lists.

Giving plants as presents really is a good idea… guests just love to give a beautiful rose or fragrant honeysuckle — neither of which will break the bank -but they will give you lasting pleasure. You can add ‘things’ to your garden list too — furniture, beautiful garden pots, sculpture, tools even doves to serenade you!

So whether you have what you need already — perhaps you are remarrying, and are therefore amalgamating the contents of two households, or quite simply you just love plants — consider an inspiring garden-based list — your guests will be delighted and your garden will always remind you of your wedding!

Further details on garden lists: www.weddinggardencompany.co.uk
01342 823123 kate@weddinggardencompany.co.uk

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