All About Handwritten Wedding Invitations
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All About Handwritten Wedding Invitations

Published: 09 Mar 2007 - in invite wording and etiquette
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A wedding invitation gives your guests an idea as to the type of affair that the wedding is going to be. It is not necessary to state on the invitation whether it is a formal or informal affair, as long as you take the appropriate measures with your wedding invitations.

Many couples would love to have handwritten wedding invitations for their upcoming nuptials. These are a great way to save costs on the wedding invitation, and at the same time are very personal. A handwritten wedding invitation will show your guests that they are worthy of your time and are a special part of the wedding celebrations.

Appropriateness of Handwritten Wedding Invitations

In earlier times, the most formal of wedding invitations were usually handwritten. But somewhere in time, an engraved invitation became the only ‘proper’ type of invitation for a very formal and elaborate wedding.

In modern times, a handwritten wedding invitation is appropriate if you are having a very small and intimate wedding celebration, which comprises only close family and select friends. If you are going to have a large wedding, but it is still going to be an informal celebration, then a and written wedding invitation is considered ‘proper’ for such a wedding.

Forming a Handwritten Wedding Invitation

A handwritten invitation is a very personal way of inviting guests for your wedding. A traditional handwritten invitation is usually in the form of a small note or a personal letter, inviting guests for the wedding.

Each handwritten invitation need not be worded in the exact same manner. An invitation to someone you are very close to can be worded more personally and informally, with a lot more familiarity in the wordings. A handwritten invitation to someone, who you are not that close to, can be written in the regular formal manner of most wedding invitations.

The best stationery to use for handwritten invitations is letter sheets of cotton fibre paper, which is white in colour. You can add a personal embossed monogram if you so wish, to make the paper a bit more fancy. Dark blue or black inks are the two acceptable inks for a handwritten wedding invitation. Using ball points for writing handwritten invitations should be avoided.

If you have a lot of invitations to be handwritten, you can take the help of your family and friends, and have a fun time writing your wedding invitations.

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