21 Gothic Wedding Cakes That Are Spooky and Spectacular

Our edit of gothic wedding cakes will have you watering at the mouth


Seeing as gothic wedding cakes was one of our amazing gothic wedding ideas, we thought it was only right for us to put together some beautifully different delicacies that are sure to get your taste buds at the ready.

Floral Gothic Wedding Cake

If you love the idea of having gothic themes in your wedding cake but want to keep it fresh and feminine, this cake is perfect for you. The harsh black colour is made beautiful by the frilly black fondant icing and the colourful flowers that join it. It’s a sleek and modern design which we completely adore.

black floral wedding cake

Cake - Immaculate Confections

Retro Gothic Wedding Cake

This rockabilly style wedding cake has the most hilarious cake topper. We absolutely love the funky animal print and gaudy purple combo which works so well with the retro themed skulls that lies on top. The fun theme of the wedding cake makes it perfect for couples who want to add some loudness into their wedding day.

leopard print gothic wedding cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Graveyard Themed Gothic Wedding Cake

The message behind this gothic wedding cake is much more romantic than it may seem at first glance. The gravestones and church candles create a deathly theme and the writing ‘Love Never Dies’ brings it all together to speak a message that is really beautiful. We love the roses and metallic skulls; they add an artistic flare to the cake.

graveyard themed gothic wedding cake

Cake - Little Cherry Cake Company

Detailed Gothic Wedding Cake

The detail and intricate icing on this wedding cake is just beautiful. The top two tiers have very gothic styled icing décor which drizzles down to the bottom tiers that have a more delicate and wildlife feel to them. The colours are simple and striking and the gothic feel is subtle enough to appeal to most couples.

metallic wedding cake in goth style

Cake - Rosalind Miller

Green and Black Gothic Wedding Cake

Combining skulls and roses on a gothic wedding cake is a really nice touch which a lot of cake designers tend to use. It works really well with this design and here at hitched we couldn’t stop talking about the emerald green floral middle tier. It is the perfect backdrop for the circular Mr & Mrs skull heads and the top tier drip cake is bang on trend.

green and black drip gothic wedding cake

Cake - Little Cherry Cake Company

Leather Gothic Wedding Cake

If you’re a sucker for leather and that ‘all-black’ look, this beautiful seven tier gothic wedding cake could be the answer to all your prayers. The magnificent sculpture is full of detail and no one tier is the same. The unique texture is modern and perfect for couples who love breaking wedding rules.

black leather wedding cake

Cake - Desserts by Dana

Black and Gold Gothic Wedding Cake

Black and gold are such a glamorous colour combination, especially on a four tier cake like this one. The ruffle icing at the bottom adds beautiful volume to the design and the gold embossed design is a rich touch. The red flowers add even more drama to the design and the way they drape down the cake is perfect.

black gold and red wedding cake

Cake - Edible Arts Cakes

Silver Metallic Gothic Wedding Cake

The sleek and clean cut edges of this modern wedding cake and crisp white colour give this wedding cake a super contemporary look. Metallic wedding cakes are really on trend at the moment and the marble middle tier is a stunning addition.

metallic rosalind miller wedding cake

Cake - Rosalind Miller

Sleepy Hollow Skulls Gothic Wedding Cake

If one cake isn’t enough for you, why not go for something like this – a whole collection of sleepy hollow skulls. They are beautifully made and there aren’t many things more gothic than skulls. The paint work is haunting and perfectly dramatic.

sleepy hollow skulls

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Coffin Gothic Wedding Cake

If you’re a die-hard goth and really want to play the theme out in your wedding cake, why not have a coffin shaped dessert? Wedding cakes don’t get much more gothic than a coffin and the yellow gold detailing and gravel style base on this creation all just add to the overall gothic vibe.

coffin wedding cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

White and Purple Gothic Wedding Cake

Add some character to your gothic cake with a design like this one. The purple middle tier breaks up the monochrome colours and we adore the candy skull cake topper. It adds the ‘wedding’ feel to what is already a magnificent themed wedding cake with lots of cool characteristics to it.

purple gothic wedding cake

Cake - Little Cherry Cake Company

Mr and Mrs Skull Gothic Wedding Cake

Couples who want all of their guests to see them as royalty on their wedding day need this in their lives. The matching skull heads are adorned with the most gorgeous edible jewellery and sit on regal red cushions. This masterpiece is truly a show-stopping wedding cake that will have everyone talking.

mr and mrs skull gothic cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Bird Skull Gothic Wedding Cake

Keeping it creepy, this bird skull wedding cake is haunting and eerie. We love the way the cake maker has used edible skills to hold each tier up and balance it, and the bone-like colour makes it look all the more real.

skull wedding cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Gold Skeleton Gothic Wedding Cake

The colours used for this gorgeously gothic cake are super on trend for this theme. The detailed spinal and rib cage is adorned beautifully with a corset ribbon effect that is totally unique and clever. The skeletal hand cake topper is the perfect way to finish off the design and the little organ decorations adds something extra too.

corset gothic wedding cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Monochrome Floral Gothic Wedding Cake

For a more girly looking wedding cake, opt for something similar to this beautiful four tier black design. The white sire and floral embellishments, along with the cake itself all create a really clean-cut and simple look that will still make a statement.

monochrome floral wedding cake

Cake - Rosalind Miller

Graveyard Gothic Wedding Cake

From simple and sleek to graveyard goth, this wedding cake is not for the faint hearted. It oozes gothic and Halloween themes and is the ideal choice for couples who are really into gothic wedding ideas. The bright red colour is a great background for all of the black and gold graveyard themed décor and the blood-like drips from the top tier finish it off perfectly.

graveyard gothic wedding cake

Cake - Kasserina Cakes

Metallic Gothic Wedding Cake

Metallic wedding cakes are a big 2017 wedding trend and pairing that with a gothic theme is pure genius. The mix of gold, silver and bronze is perfect and we love the use of chains and necklaces to hold the bones, teeth and moon shapes. The bronze skulls that hold the cake up are beautifully made and we really do love it.

metallic wedding cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Tattoo Gothic Wedding Cake

If you’re a bride who rocks tattoos, or just a couple who have a love for ink, you will obsess over this tattoo themed wedding cake. The coloured ink designs have been intricately drawn onto the icing and the dripping edible blood gives it a truly gothic feel. It is finished off nicely with an unusual cake topper in the form of a skeletal hand which is shaped like a love heart – aww!

hand skeleton cake topper and cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Halloween Gothic Wedding Cake

The pumpkin and ghost detailing on this wedding cake makes it the best choice for a Halloween wedding. Dark purples and greens make great gothic cake colours and the bride and groom cake topper gives the whole creation a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ feel to it which works so well. We also love the cute ‘simply mean t to be’ writing, it’s very romantic.

nightmare on elm street weddingc ake

Cake - Little Cherry Cake Company

Skeleton Body Gothic Wedding Cake

If tiers and generic wedding cakes just aren’t for you and your partner, you may love this skeleton cake. It takes a lot of talent to make such a detailed and real-looking edible skeleton like this and it definitely fits into the gothic theme. Let your guests dive into some bones and tuck into this delicious work of art.

skeleton body wedding cake

Cake - Conjurers Kitchen

Adams Family Gothic Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was made specifically for an Adams Family styled shoot and it is truly something special. The rust, black and gold colour scheme is warm and could work for an autumn wedding. The feathers and gold floral adornment make it look expensive and high class whilst still staying true to itself and keeping it gothic.

autumnal gothic wedding cake adams family themed

Cake - Desserts by Dana

If you really want to stand out and be different, check out our alternative wedding cake ideas - there's so many different things you can do! 


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