Save Money by Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations
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Save Money by Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations

Published: 06 Aug 2013 - in budget
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If you’re planning on saving money when it comes to your wedding, and time is on your hands, consider creating and designing your own wedding stationery. Your wedding invitations will play a huge role in your wedding and will be the first part of your theme that you’re guests will get to see — so making sure they look great and are informative is essential.

homemade wedding invitation

If you’re always making and creating birthday cards for friends and family then now is the perfect excuse to make your own wedding invitations. This could help keep the cost down when it comes your wedding budget, and will give you something good to focus on during the run up to your big day. It will also be more of a personal touch for your guests, receiving something that you’ve made yourself or as a couple. And, you can always keep one as a keepsake in your box of wedding memories to show your future children.

The internet can help you in a big way when it comes to inspiration for your wedding stationery. With the low cost of card, paper and printers available at really affordable rates, you can have great wedding invitations without spending a small fortune on them.

Head over to your local craft store and purchase everything that you need in order to create your wedding invitations and stationery in one go. It might be worth purchasing slightly more than you actually need, just in case you make a mistake or the store runs out of your specific product or colour.

To decorate your invitations, you can use different coloured ribbons and even dried flowers to give your invites a unique look. To make the invites really personal, you can also take a nice picture of you and your fiancé and get this transferred or printed onto your invites.

The use of embossing stamps can make your invitations look truly unique. A simple design or a stamp with your initials could be a great addition to your home made wedding invitation.

With a little imagination, you can come up with great ideas to make your own wedding invites. Not only will you have a great time creating them, but the satisfaction at the end will be priceless; not to mention the money you would have saved.

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