November 2012 - Something Borrowed
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November 2012 - Something Borrowed

Published: 01 Dec 2012 - in back issues
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  • 10 dreamy dressesDecadent DécorMust-have hires for your reception

    You could spend a fortune buying decorations and props for your wedding reception, not to mention the time you’d spend styling the venue.

    If you’ve already got enough on your plate, or you’re trying to stick to a budget, why not hire your dream décor (and the experts to make it look perfect on the day) instead of investing in it?...

    Read the full article
  • 10 reception treatsHoneymoon Ideas for HireBe inspired

    Everyone wants their honeymoon to be unique, individual and once-in-a-lifetime, so seeking inspiration from your friends, family and fellow brides is a smart thing to do.

    You and your partner make the experience unique, so by asking around to find out what other honeymooning couples did you can build a shortlist of honeymoon-friendly destinations, perfect for you...

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  • 10 romantic venuesFashion That’s Not ForeverExpert advice

    Some couples dream of owning their bridal dress and morning suit, but if your budget is limited — or you’re likely to end up with an expensive, unworn garment gathering dust in your attic — you could consider hiring your attire.

    We spoke to three fashion hire experts to find out the pros and cons of borrowing your wedding wear...

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  • Real Life LoveHire Your Dream VenueMarquees, tents, yurts & tipis

    Most couples hire a venue for their wedding reception — but how about “borrowing” something that little bit different for a truly unique day?

    We’ve picked out some of the best marquee venues and marquee hire companies to inspire you — as well as some of the coolest tent, tipi and yurt hire firms for couples who want to make an individual statement...

    Read the full article
  • Idyllic European honeymoonsSomething BorrowedBrides tell all

    Every bride-to-be is familiar with this old rhyme — but do you know where it comes from? Or why so many brides decide to honour the tradition?

    We reveal all and ask real life brides to share their “something borrowed”....

    Read the full article

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