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December 2012 - Winter Wonderland

Published: 01 Jan 2013 - in back issues
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  • 10 season-perfect gownsDazzling Dresses10 season-perfect gowns

    Winter weddings can be the most dramatic occasions — and they demand a dress that is bold, statement-making and utterly fabulous.

    Dare to dazzle your guests with one of these 10 amazing winter wedding gowns...

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  • Five seasonal shadesWonderful Winter ColoursFive seasonal shades

    Pastels may be perfect for spring or summer weddings but if your big day is in the middle of winter, deeper richer tones will give the most stunning colour theme to your ceremony or reception...

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  • 10 magical locationsWinter Wedding Venues10 magical locations

    A wonderful winter wedding demands a beautiful, atmospheric and seasonal setting; from a roaring log fire to a snow-flaked garden scene, the ideal location can only enhance your dream day.

    We’ve singled out 10 of the ultimate venues for the most magical winter wedding you can possibly imagine...

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  • Winter-themed wedding ideasWinter Wedding InspirationWinter-themed wedding ideas

    Make the most of a mid-winter wedding by keeping a seasonal theme going throughout the day with everything from favours and stationery, to cakes, accessories and flowers...

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  • Hot mid-winter honeymoonsEscape to the SunHot mid-winter honeymoons

    Getting married during the winter months may mean fairytale, snowy landscapes at home, but there’s no reason you can’t escape to the sun for a midwinter honeymoon...

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