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Inspiration Gallery for Celebrity

We read about celebrities in the paper and online on a daily basis, but sometimes it’s nice to see what they looked like on their wedding day. The celebrity wedding gallery on features some of the most popular couples in the world, at some point on their wedding day.

Stylish couples such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, Jamie and Jules Oliver and Peter and Abbey Crouch are all featured in the celebrity wedding gallery on, along with a number of other famous house hold names, royal family members, incredible singers, actors and actresses from the UK and around the world.

A celebrity wedding can inspire UK brides and grooms when it comes to a colour scheme, a floral bouquet or a wedding dress design. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress for example played a huge influence in the world of weddings after her big day in April 2011, as did her sister’s bridesmaids dress, which is still talked about today!