Victoria & William's Real Wedding

A beautiful traditional white wedding and even though the wedding took place in South East London, there was a twist of Scottish heritage to Victoria and William’s wedding.

The couple married in St Augustene’s Church, Grove Park at 2pm in front of 64 wedding guests. Three days later the newly weds headed for warmer climates as they began their honeymoon in Jamaica, later taking in Miami then ending with a beautiful seven day Caribbean cruise!

William & Victoria-The Couple

Victoria and William first met when they were teenagers, working at their first Sunday job in town. William proved to be an all round great guy as he helped Victoria through a break up and Chemistry exam too! After inviting her along to a friend’s party, the couple became inseparable.

Whisking his lovely girlfriend away to Disneyland on a surprise Christmas holiday, William popped the question during a romantic meal. Taking Victoria’s hand in his he told her she was really beautiful. To this, Victoria said that she’ll only believe him when she has a ring on her finger! No sooner had she said this that William got down on one knee and proposed! The setting couldn’t be any more fantastic as Victoria is a huge Disney fan and even wrote her music dissertation on the magical subject.

Just over two years later, the happy couple tied the knot!

William & Victoria's Wedding on 20 Mar 2010

Photography by: Carla Rees Dawson Photography

Wedding venue: Bulls Head Hotel

William & Victoria's supplier list

Chocolate Fountain by:  Chocolate Delights

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