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Natalie & James's Real Wedding

James & Natalie-The Couple
Natalie & James-The Couple
Natalie & James-The Bride's Look
Natalie & James-The Groom's Party
Natalie & James-The Bridesmaids
Natalie & James-Flowers
Natalie & James-Wedding Stationery
Natalie & James-Wedding Decor
Natalie & James-Special Touches
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After having a few minor hiccoughs in the morning of her special day, Natalie knew that as soon as she was with her husband-to-be at their chosen venue that everything would be good no matter what. Looking back on their day, the couple agree that they wouldn’t change a thing. Choosing a unique location for their wedding played a big part; Whipsnade Zoo was the host to the Pollard Wedding, 2nd October 2010!

Photography by: JK Photography
Wedding venue: ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
The couple: James & Natalie
Wedding date: 02-Oct-2010

Natalie and James met as acquaintances through friends and for ten years their paths crossed several times. It wasn’t until James moved to Natalie’s home town that the couple had a proper conversation! After taking a shopping trip together, the pair felt something strong between them. “Sparks flew” was how Natalie described it.

Natalie and James spoke about marriage but she was completely surprised when the proposal came. Two years after dating, the couple had taken a trip with friends to Paris. Leaving the group after lunch and taking his beautiful girlfriend aside, James got down on one knee; by the side of the river Seine in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, he asked for her hand in marriage! James had chosen the ring himself after doing some research and getting subtle hints from Natalie!

Just over a year later the couple married in front of 100 day guests.

James & Natalie's supplier list

Photography by:  JK Photography

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