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Mens Wedding Suits

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It is up to the groom to sort out his groomswear along with the clothing for his best man, ushers and father. Groomswear comes in all different fabrics, colours and styles, and whatever you choose will most likely coordinate with the rest of your wedding theme. Groomswear specialists can advise you on what types of suits will complement your wedding most appropriately, and how to match everyone up in your wedding party.

You will need to start thinking about your groomswear about 6-9 months before your wedding date in order to ensure that there is enough time to get everyone in your wedding party fitted, and of course to secure availability with the shop if you are planning on hiring all of the groomswear.

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Slaters groomswear is available to hire, and the service is built on value and quality. There’s a massive choice of morning and evening wear, and includes highland ...

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Designers of Mens Wedding Suits

Making sure that you are comfortable in your suit decision is essential seeing as you will be wearing it all day. A waistband that is too tight, a trouser length that is too short, or a jacket that doesn’t quite fit across the chest would not be a good start to your wedding day. Wedding groomswear specialists will be able to advise you on the most appropriate type of suit and fit for the style of your wedding.