Registrar's Fees!

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  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 12:24

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    Oh my god, I can't beleive how much of a rip off registrars are!!

    We haven't decided on our venue yet so I haven't looked up registrars fees in that area but I'm just going to assume they're going to be stupid prices like my current council's ones are.

    This is ridiculous, it's not as if the registrar actually does much for goodness sakes!

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 13:23

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    I have just seen this thread so thought I would give the local registrar a quick call to check fees (apparently I can't book until a year till the date) and they just told me it would be £423!!!!!!!!! I budgeted £200 and that I thought was being generous.


    I'm quite shocked by that - especially as I have just been told that someone who got married in the registry office paid approx £100. How can they justify all that money?!

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 13:50

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    wow guess i owe my dads friend a huge thankyou!! as he's going to be our registrar at my local church for free!! i knew it was a bit pricey but not that much!!

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 15:04

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    Can no one beat mine then??!! lol.

    Just spoke to my friend who is getting married this year, and she confirmed that is the correct amount as she is paying about £570 in total for this year Sad 

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 15:23

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    We need to pay £33.50 each for notice and marriage license and then £170 to pay for the actual room (which I actually think is an awful lot for quite a small room but it is very nice.)

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 15:29

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    We paid £25 then £60 for notices and now have to £413.50. I would love to know what this is for!

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 15:33

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    I think the response to the extra expense is that they are blocking out lots of time to attend and could be doing others in that time..? not sure its much of a justification .. an extra £300+ in a lot of cases

    I was reconsidering changing to the registry office instead, but then you have to worry and work out and cost for transport then!! etc for everyone its just not going to save anything.

    but i think its alot of money, and can't see the justification.  I was horrified at our £400+ price plus the bans etc.

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 18:32

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    ours is £760 but were getting married on new years eve lol xx

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 18:46

    Re: Registrar's Fees!


    We are paying £350 then notices and i thought that was expensive!!

    Same here: £354 plus notices and we thought it was huge!

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 21:08

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    Our registrar fees are £540 plus £67 for the bands & £3.50 for each certificate!! Nice to know I'm one of the dearest then lol! That's the fees for all Kent registrars.

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 21:15

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    We are getting married in Medway rather than in Kent (previously I thought Medway was in Kent but apparently not for weddings!!). We are getting married on a Sunday and we are paying £500 for the registrar plus about £70 for the notices and £3.50 for the marriage certificate.

    I am shocked that the variation is so vast.

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2010 22:38

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    Mines extortionate! 525 for registrar in hotel, 60 notices and 7 certificates..

  • Posted: 6 Jun 2010 0:39

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    We're getting married in Norfolk & we paid £60 for giving notice & £353.50 for a saturday for the registar to come to our venue. I can't understand why its so expensive

  • Posted: 6 Jun 2010 9:41

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    For the notice of marriage it was £75 or £76 (it went up a few days before we did it!), and for the hall, registrars, certificates and everything else it's £300. The cheapest we could have had -for a small office, 15 persons - was £42. We went for the big hall (capacity 100).

  • Posted: 6 Jun 2010 12:12

    Re: Registrar's Fees!

    Ours doesn't seem to be that expensive now I have read the other posts.  We are paying £270.00 for the registrar plus £7.00 for certificate (Lancashire County Council).  We had to pay £30 each to register our intent to marriage at our local registry office on top of the above expenses.

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