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  • Posted: 30 Nov 2010 16:52

    Hen Party invitations

    Are any of you doing them? 

    If so, how will you word yours? I'm about to start the wording for mine - it's an afternoon tea. Coffee Cake

    Would love to see any that have been done before the blankness that is my mind is let loose! 

    Posted: 30 Nov 2010 17:08

    Re: Hen Party invitations

    Something like this will do fine for me.....

    Dear Claire198421

    I know you love cake so come to my hen doo on XXXX




    Thanking you muchly!


    Back to reality:

    I would just word it like any other party invite with their name, the venue, date etc although usually I would have thought the hens would sort this?

  • Posted: 30 Nov 2010 17:25

    Re: Hen Party invitations

    Sorry CB no idea either but Claires idea is ok

    what Tinks did I think would be fab..!! hehehe

    where are you having your afternoon tea?

  • Posted: 30 Nov 2010 17:30

    Re: Hen Party invitations


    I would just word it like any other party invite with their name, the venue, date etc although usually I would have thought the hens would sort this?

    I sorted my friend's hen night, but sent the invites via email. This was the email, but was a different kind of party!

    While [             ] is away

    We are taking [             ] out to play

    Everything will be alright

    For one last wild and crazy night!

    Join us for [            ]’s Hen Party…….


     The Date: [                     ]


    The Plan:

    Arrive in style:





    Catch a musical: 




    Food & Cocktails (possibly more of the latter!):




    Party all the way home…………… 


    Come and join us for a night on the town to celebrate in style for [              ]’s Hen Party!

    Please R.S.V.P as soon as possible, but no later than [                   ] to allow us to finalise numbers and book the tickets.

  • Posted: 30 Nov 2010 17:31

    Re: Hen Party invitations

    Claire, my bm's are sorting my 'proper' one that I know nothing about. This is one to get his mum, aunt etc involved too. They're going to get a nice little package of goodies - a similar thing to Tinks but I'm using some old cups  that I've been collecting since we got engaged. 

    It's going to be at Flemings which is a lovely place and a bit off the beaten track. 


  • Posted: 30 Nov 2010 17:36

    Re: Hen Party invitations

    Cricket bride:

    It's going to be at Flemings which is a lovely place and a bit off the beaten track. 

    Then my email invite helps you in no way!

  • Posted: 30 Nov 2010 18:09

    Re: Hen Party invitations

    I on't think im sending invites i will propably just give a list of names and phone numbers to my sister (CBM) and she can ring everyone cos there wont be many of us anyway

  • Posted: 30 Nov 2010 18:16

    Re: Hen Party invitations

    This is the wording for mine... not 100% on the design yet!


    I know that it is traditional for the Maid of Honour to arrange the hen night antics but as most of you will know, I am not one for sticking to tradition… plus my sister has recently had baby no.2 so has far more important things on her mind!!!

    Where are we going?

    We are spending a fabulous weekend in Bath, Somerset.

    When is it happening?

    Friday 25th February to Sunday 27th February 2011

    What can we expect?

    A weekend of chilled out fun!

    Friday - Arrival at our chosen hotel followed by an evening of dinner and cocktails.

    Saturday - A hearty breakfast followed by a wander round Bath. A sexy burlesque dancing lesson in the afternoon followed by dinner out on the town and lots and lots of dancing!

    Sunday - A few hours of luxury in the spa – the perfect hangover cure before heading back to reality!

    Hotel (add web address once booked)

    Burlesque (add web address once booked) Burlesque is a fun, sexy and theatrical form of exotic dance, as well as an ancient tradition. Burlesque is normally styled with corsets, sequins and feathers, think Moulin Rouge or Dita Von Teese. It’s very much about “making the most of what you’ve got and knowing what to do with it”!

    What should we wear?

    Anything you like! For the burlesque class they have given us the following list of required clothing…

    Shirt/coat/dressing gown; Vest; Skirt which will allow you to move around; High heeled shoes/ boots; Trainers; Long gloves; Hold up Stockings

    I understand that not everyone likes to dress up on a night out, so I won’t force you! If you want to dress up on the Saturday night then the theme is burlesque all the way… corsets, feathers and killer heels! You can add as little or as much of this to your outfit as you wish, I want you to be comfortable and enjoy yourselves!

    Who are we?

    As most of you probably won’t know each other I thought I would do a little introduction for each of you…

    Name               How I know you…

    I Promise…

    To not turn into a bridezilla in the run up to the wedding. I do understand that this day is about Kelly and Riki. Not dying flowers or a bad spray tan. I promise to keep things light and fun and exciting. I will count on you girls to BE HONEST about if I look weird or if I am getting too stressed out. Or if I really need to NOT wear that blue top hat on my head, just because it goes with my shoes. Thank you for being part of all this! I am so excited to be spending so much of it with you all. Squeeeeeeeeee!


    Please send this card back to me as soon as you can!

    I’m really sorry but I can’t make it…

    Woohoo! I will be there! Please tick which apply

    Everything – Count me in!

    Friday Night Dinner & Drinks

    Friday Night Hotel

    Saturday Afternoon Burlesque Class

    Saturday Night Dinner & Drinks

    Saturday Night Hotel

    Sunday Morning Spa


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