***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

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  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 3:59

    ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Morning, how are we all? I woke up with a headache and had to take paracetemol, which I don't like to do. It's helped though! Going to have a quiet morning with E. We are off to soft play with a few friends this afternoon. 

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 6:30

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***


    WS - sorry to hear about your headache, I hope it completely goes during the day. Have a lovely time at soft play.

    AFM - I'm off to work today but my timetable has been greatly reduced as year 11 & 13 are on home study so I can get on with other work.  Nothing much to report from me apart from the occasional sore boobs. Still got my cough though not as bad as it has been. Scan next Wednesday so only 7 more sleeps!

    Hope you all have a lovely day x

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 7:02

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Morning early one from me as im on a train to london


    Ws - hope the headache goes soon and you have a nice day with E

    Ds - glad your workload is reducing a bit. Bet you can't wait for your scan, have you had a nearly scan already?


  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 7:44

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Morninf everyone 

    WS - hope your headache goes before soft play - the last thing you need with a headache!

    DS - woo, that will fly by! enjoy your reduced workload! 

    AFM - had a hectic week at work so far, last day today luckily. Got to pick my car up from repairs and pay (another) huge bill on it - joy! Wish they would send my scan appt through soon, I'm around 8 weeks so got to get it soon surely!

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 7:44

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Morning All 

    WS - Hope headache goes soon x 

    DS - Sounds like you should have an easier day with missing kids. 

    T2TT - Hope it wasn't a too early start. 

    AFM - So so tired this morning. Think I went to bed too late and then I woke up at 6 and struggled to get back to sleep then wanted to sleep when the alarm went off! Not fancying breakfast again, but just about managing to munch on a slice of tiger bread. Thought about taking the day off, but I have a new rep in today and need to go through loads of stuff with him, including showing him how to put up an exhibition stand, so will have to tell him so I'm not lugging it all around on my own! Most people at my work know now, but the reps don't. 

    Hope everyone has a lovely day x 

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 7:45

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Sorry Garfield, missed you there. 

    Hope the bill isn't too huge! 

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 8:53

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Morning one tired mummy here M woke up at 3am *read as neighbours woke her up* she wouldn't go back in her cot so ended up in her pram to sleep, then i was widw awake so i only has 4hr sleep!

    WS - i hope your headache goes

    DS - glad your work hours are reduced, 8 sleeps until my scan!

    T2tt -hope your train ride is ok

    garfield - i got my appointment through this week i'm 11 week, its for next week when i'll be 12week.

    TSC - hope work goes ok

    busy day for me today, driving lesson, midwife & food shop so i might not get chance to get back on later.




  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 9:19

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Morning all. Sorry I've been a bit AWOL, been a bit hectic and kept returning to the thread when it was 3 pages and couldn't muster the energy to reply. Have been reading though.

    WS - enjoy soft play!

    DS - Ooh scan day is coming up fast. Enjoy your reduced timetable!

    T2TT - Going in for anything special?

    Garfield - Hope scan date comes through soon, I got mine recently.

    TSC - oh no, it's a killer getting to bed too late. I did the same thing with waking up early and then couldn't sleep until just before my alarm!

    Mrs G - ooh enjoy your busy day! How far into learning to drive are you?

    AFM - just trundling along. Have felt less sick the past few days and was getting a bit worried but it seems to have come back although not as strong as before. Got to get through this week and then we have a week off which I am so looking forward to!

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 11:58

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    T2TT - Hope you had a smooth journey into London and, yes, I had an early scan at 8+5.

    G - Whoop, whoop for last day though Boo to the car repair bill. Have you had your booking in appt as my scan was sorted out after that.

    TSC - Mmm, tiger bread. Sounds like you've got a busy day.

    MrsG - Poor you, I hope you manage to squeeze a nap into your busy day. What did your neighbours do to wake M up?

    S - The sickness does ease off but it might come back with a vengence! Only a few more days till your week off!

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 12:22

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    MrsG -Have a good driving lesson.

    S - So glad you said the sickness has eased off and come back again as mine has eased off yesterday and today and although wasn't worried worried, I was wondering where it had gone and why!

    It's funny really, I've spent weeks moaning about feeling sick, and now I feel like I'm moaning because I don't feel sick!

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 12:57

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Hello Everyone

    WS – hope your headache has eased off. Enjoy soft play this afternoon.

    DS – Glad work is easing a bit. Bet you can’t wait for the scan!

    T2TT – Hello!

    Garfield – Hope the car doesn’t skint you too much! I got mine last weekend for the 9th July

    SC – You’ll have to have an early night tonight and catch up on some sleep.

    Mrs G – Enjoy your busy day and hope you get some sleep tonight.

    Saisi – Due date twin! The sickness is a killer. It’ll get better once you are home relaxing.

    Well i'm back and has a fab holiday although the sickness (well queasyness) has come back with avengence. I'm really struggling between 3 -6 in the afternoon.

    Got my booking in next wednesday and my scan date has come through for 9th July so only 3 1/2 weeks to wait! I'm really excited. O isn't sleeping very well since we got back but he was at my mum's last night so managed to sleep well and have a bit of a lie in this morning.


  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 13:24

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Afternoon all!

    WS - Hope the headache has now eased and you were able to enjoy the soft play.

    DS - Having some pupils away must make things so much easier in school!

    T2TT - enjoy London, whatever you're doing!

    Garfield - fingers crossed you'll get scan news soon.

    TSC - sorry to hear you're still suffering with sickness.

    Mrs G - you've reminded me to book my driving lessons! I'm thinking they'll give me the perfect not drinking excuse!

    Saisi - a week off would be heaven! Bet you can't wait.

    Lea - glad you enjoyed your holiday. I think the last time our paths crossed we were both on the TTC thread!

    AFM - I have my first doctor's appointment today. I think things still haven't sunk in, although logically no period + three positive tests + sore boobs + sickness = pregnant! I'm getting used to the sickness, although I reckon there's still more to come. Grapes and ginger nuts are my friend! And tonic water as well, I reckon it's the fizz. I'm starting to panic about what's to come and how good I'll be at handling it. And mostly it's the really trivial things, like H might not fancy me if my belly isn't as flat as it used to be. And then the next minute I think, well, he's no supermodel he can shove it! So poor H is being blamed for neglecting me and not treating me right when he's not done any such thing!

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 13:44

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Hi all,

    Just back from my scan and they've moved my dates forward a few days so I'm actually 13+6 today - but it was still fine for the nuchal measurement. Saw the - now 8cm apparently - bean who seemed quite well developed with little feet and moving a lot. Only 6 weeks now until the 20 week scan which seems not that long.Had to wait 45 mins for the blood test which was rather boring and meant I missed my train and had to get the next one - an hour later!

    As 13+6 the it's now actually my last day today as a 1st tri-er. Will miss you all but you'll be in 2nd Tri before you know it too!

  • Posted: 13 Jun 2012 17:04

    Re: ***Wednesday 1st Trimester***

    Afternoon all!

    WS - Hope your headache has cleared. I have had one all day too but wasnt sure what I could take.

    DS - Its lovely when your timetable reduces! Mine has too thank goodness! Glad your cough is getting better too,

    T2TT - Hope the train journey wasnt too bad.

    G82 - Sorry about your car bill. My Hs car is on its way out so feel your pain. Hope you get a scan date soon

    Saisi - Sorry the sickness is back - bet you cant wait for your week off! Nearly there!

    TSC - hope work was ok. I am off food too - which is VERY unusual for me!

    MrsG - Hope the midwife went ok - sounds like a busy day!

    Lea8 - Boo to the sickness but yay for the scan date!

    QC - hope docs went ok - I thought it made it all feel real! Soda water seems to work for me! And a good old ginger nut

    LBP - glad the scan went well - any pics?

    AFM - I am exhausted! Work was mental as loads of people were off and I really feel like I have overdone it today! More difficult as only my boss and two other people know. Can feel another 8pm bedtime coming on! Sickness is bad (although not being sick) and can only stomach ready salted crisps or oven chips! Was determined to cook something healthy with veg tonight but cant see it happening!!

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