Sat 3rd Trimester

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  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 7:19

    Sat 3rd Trimester

    Morning ladies, hope you all had a restful night. Baby out vibes to all that need them.

    Nothing really to tell today other than I ignored signs to go to the loo during the night so ended up waking up at 6.30 and then couldn't get back to sleep. Isabel was up at 7 so got up. Only thing I did forget to add in after Wed hospital appointment was the fact that they told me my placenta is lying right at the front and this could cause real problems if it's stuck to all the scar tissue - could mean I lose my womb if I have major bleeding. Just worrying me a bit as I don't know what the consequences of that will be other than not having to have any more children (not that any more are planned). Hoping H will get rest of stuff out of the loft and I can pack my bag. It's my nephew's 5th birthday today so off to see him later then we've got his fancy dress disco party tomorrow (Isabel's got an Upsy Daisy costume).

    VG 36+5

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 7:22

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

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  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 7:38

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    Morning  Virgin Goddess and other 3rd Trimester ladies

    VG-Sorry to hear about your placenta lying low. It doesn't sound good at all. Are you booked for a c-section or am I thinking of someone else? IGNORE THAT! Just seen you are booked for one on April this when they'll find out if your placenta is stuck to the scar tissue or is there anyway they can find out before? Happy birthday to your nephew! Hope you have fun at his party tomorrow!!

    I had the worst night sleep ever! I really think that Mr Bump doesn't like me sleeping on my left side. If I'm on my back then he's fine, if I'm on the ride side he's fine but way! He will fidget so much and I have no idea what he was doing last night but hubby was rubbing my tummy trying to get Mr Bump to settle...he (hubby) normally turns over in bed and ignores my moans of uncomfortableness but last night actually paid me some attention. I honestly thought I was going to end up wetting the bed last night Embarrassed tmi sorry. Felt so much strain on my bladder and whatever else. My side is really hurting this too. Luckily I'm such a softy and don't get in moods with Mr Bump or really moan about how I'm feeling because I'd rather him be comfortable and me be uncomfortable. So this morning I feel very fragile, got my sister-in-law coming over tonight with her boyfriend, going out for a meal and they are staying over, I'm really not feeling up to it but sure I'll be ok.

    Sorry, very down and negative post from me!

    Lauren 29+6


  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 7:47

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    Morning lolls. Yeah won't be able to tell properly if it's stuck until they do c-section. Scan did say they couldn't see any problems but dr did say they weren't that good at seeing stuff like this. So sorry you didn't sleep better. I know what you mean about left side - I struggle to sleep on that side too but usually because of indigestion. Glad H showed you some sympathy last night - so he should. Hug Can you get a chance to go back to bed for a bit before tonight? Might help you to feel a bit better. Hope you have a good night out.

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 7:59

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    Morning all Wave

    VG - sorry to hear about your complications.  I guess the positives are that they know where it is and know what to expect so all being well the damage will be minimal.  I can imagine it must be really hard to get your head around Hug  I know that we don't want anymore children after this one but having that choice removed must be really difficult to take - especially in one so young Hug  Is it worth going to the GP or speaking with the consultant just so you can understand a) your options b) the implications of it if it happens? Hug

    Lolls - I find with my baby that it only likes me lying on my left hand side - which is good I guess as that is the side they recommend.  Although I find it really hard to lay on the one side all night.  Hope you have a good night with your SIL & Boyfriends - i am sure you will enjoy it when the time comes - mornings are always the worst after a bad night as the day seems to feel like it will go on forever.  Try and put your feet up for an hour this afternoon just to refresh yourself. Hug  Feelings of ups and downs are very normal especially in the 3rd trimester Hug

    As for me - well I did'nt sleep well either.  Poor H has DD bug and went to bed at 5.30pm last night - very unheard of for him - he is a 90 hr a week boy come rain or shine ,sickness or health.  This has floored him - he was screaming with the pain.  I am feeling really selfish but am terrified that I will get it too now and terrrified that it will harm the baby.  I de-camped into the spare room and hardly slept with worry for H and for my baby plus I hate being away from H - I really missed him Fluffy

    Baby is moving around well so that was of some comfort.

    On the plus side - DD is 90% back to her normal self - she ate like a horse yesterday and also did her first proper poo in a week Big Smile

    Hope you all have lovely days

    HG 29+3Big Smile


  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:08

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    HG - thanks for calling me young. I'm not really that young - I'll be 42 this year but know what you mean. Big Smile I suppose I really should have asked on Wed but just oh that's fine. Glad to hear DD is feeling better but sorry to hear about your H - sounds painful. Fingers crossed you don't get it but even if you do LO will be fine - they're like little parasites that will take just what they need and leave you with nothing if they need to.

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:11

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    sorry just popping by to say glad you have a date VG I'm about in Leeds that week if you need anything or visitors.  Anyway sorry to hear your other news and i hope to see you again before she arrives as i've got something for her here!

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:16

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    morning hun. Always up for visitors - ward 56 between 3 and 7. You really shouldn't have but thanks and yes call round anytime - nothing much planned for next 2 weeks other than on Tues.

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:19

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    no problem.  I hope you like it.

    I will make a note of those times and it'll be thursday that i pop in.  How long are they likely to keep you in?

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:19

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    Wave Morning ladies!

    Virgin Goddess - i hope everything does go ok at your section and that the scan was correct. Have fun at your nephews birthday today!

    Lolls and Happygirl - i can sympathise as i had a really rubbish nights sleep too!Lolls i've started having problems sleeping on my left hand side too which is annoying as i like laying so i'm facing the edge of the bed so might have to get my H to swap sides of the bed with me. Happygirl i hope your H feels better soon and i'm glad DD is improving too.

    I went to bed at 9pm as i was sooo tired but i only ended up getting a couple of hours sleep in the end as i just tossed and turned all night. Had horrible aches and pains that made me uncomfortable. My H even spent time rubbing my back which helped but then he fell asleep so it soon started hurting again! I'm so tired today but at least Isabel let me stay in bed until 7am and she's happily watching cbeebies and playing with her dolls while i feel sorry for myself sprawled out on the sofa!

    Not got anything planned as yet today think it depends on the weather which looks very dull and horrible at the min, so well see.

    Baby out vibes to those that need them


  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:19

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    Morning all Wave


    VG – I hope that the fact they are aware of the issue will mean that they consider this when they are doing the section to minimise any impact, perhaps as HappyGirl said it may be worth talking to your GP / consultant again to make sure all your questions are answered before the section Hug

    Lolls – sorry you had such a bad night, I really hope tonight is better for you, hopefully you will have a nice night with your SIL and BF and that will set you up for a comfy sleepHug

    HG – you’re hubbie sounds bad, don’t feel bad about worrying about you getting it, I would be the same but as VG said even if you do get the baby will be OK.  I know what you mean about missing your hubbie in bed, I’m the same Fluffy

    Baby_first - sorry you had a bad night too, hope your LO plays for a lot longer and lets you enjoy your rest on the couch Hug

    All is good here – baby still active and LK is still sleeping in his big boy bed so all going to plan so far, touch wood.

    Hubbie is going into the loft today to get all the things down and we are going to organise the nursery furniture better today so I hope to have the nursery finished tomorrow and all that needs cleaned ready to go.  I’ll need to speak to one of my friends as I gave her a load of L#s things when she had her baby so I’ll need to get them back too!

    Hope everyone is well, baby in and baby out vibes for those that need them.

    A 30+6 (eek – nearly 31!)Cheers

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:27

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    VG -  I am the same - I listen then say yes yes yes and then get home and think of a zillion questions I should have asked Hug

    baby_first - Sorry you had a bad night too - I didn't think to suggest to Lolls to swap sides with her H - I remember I did this when pregnant with DD - mainly as it was summer and I was hot and H slept next to the window - but swapping sides meant we could still cuddle which I really missed.  Hope you manage to get a bit of rest today - My DD is happily watching tv too.  I am trying to train her into it for June/july ROTFL

    Jangson - Sounds like an exciting day for you. Thanks for the reminder - I have a load of stuff out on loan I must get back - I just feel a bit awkward as some of it (monitor) is still being used. I am actually quite suprised she hasn't returned it already as she will have to get herself another one anyway as her DS is still to young to do without it.  I can't wait to get my hands on the nursery - we are lucky that H said a painter can paint the nursery as we can't do it and he will do it in 2 weeks so after that I will be clucking around putting it just how I like it.

    Have we had an update from Carrie as to how things are going with her and Samual?

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:30

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester


    no problem.  I hope you like it.

    I will make a note of those times and it'll be thursday that i pop in.  How long are they likely to keep you in?

    Not sure but I'm sure it was 3 or 4 nights. Should be home Sat or Sun.

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:37

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    baby_first - thanks. not doing much for his birthday today but got his party tomorrow which should be fun. Sorry you didn't get a better night's sleep. Hope tonight is better. I love cbeebies babysitter. Big Smile

    Jangson - yeah I'm sure it will help and I'll speak to mw when I see her. Sounds like you're getting really organsied now. I'm hoping H will get rest of our stuff out too.

    HG - not seen anything from Carrie.

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2009 8:59

    Re: Sat 3rd Trimester

    Good morning ladies,

    Hope you're all ok.  Had a bit of a restless night again.  Put some Clary Sage oil in my bath last night - I know it's a bit of a 'no no' until you're full term but I am nearly 38 weeks by my own dates and with a very big baby I'm on a campaign!!!!

    Needed the loo lots in the night and nightime TV was rubbish!  Hubby gave me an hour to doze at 6.30 am when DS woke up and that was lovely!  Hoping to have a quiet weekend.

    Take care,

    Jacksmum 36+3

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