How did you choose your florist/hair/make up suppliers?

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  • Posted: 26 Jun 2012 21:08

    How did you choose your florist/hair/make up suppliers?

    I have been looking around at florists, hair and make yo suppliers, but not really sure how to make a decision. With hair and make-up, I can look at photos of their work, but surely I wouldn't know without having a trial first but that means parting with a significant amount of money which may go to waste if I don't pike what they have done. How did everyone else decide?

  • Posted: 26 Jun 2012 21:50

    Re: How did you choose your florist/hair/make up suppliers?

    I am using my usual hairdresser for my hair - my first trial is on 14th July, and I can have weekly trials until we find a style I'm happy with. But that said I have been looking at pictures of wedding styles so this may not be an easy task! 

    My hairdressers' also has a MUA who has done my makeup before for special occasions so I dont need to worry about finding someone.

    But I feel for those who have the worry of finding a stylist and/or MUA it's not cheap trying out so it must be a case of recommendations from friends and family. Or you could do a Kate Middleton and do your make up yourself. So hard when you know everyones' eyes are going to be on you!!

    When I sorted my flowers I went to two florists who had been recommended to me. The difference between them was huge - one was indifferent, just handed me a tatty album - there was very little interaction with ideas, colours and suggestions. The second florist I saw was amazing - she had her own website - no albums - she was coming up with suggestions, outlines of shapes, colours - whether to use real, silk, sponge flowers. What kind of buttonholes etc. showing flowers in the shop and what colours they were available in, whether they would be in season? She was superb and really knew her craft.


  • Posted: 26 Jun 2012 22:19

    Re: How did you choose your florist/hair/make up suppliers?

    i think i will struggle with the hairdresser situation because my usual hairdresser is goin to america for a year when we get married :( im havin a friend do my make up as she does it when we go out shes goin do it as her present for me and shel do my bridesmaids...i had appointments with 3 florists before i choose mine when i was telling them what i wanted they kept saying 'you dont want that' and just didnt seem that florist came out to my house for the 1st appointment she stayed for 4hours talkin about what we wanted and showing us her work shes fab and she said i could have what i wanted :)

  • Posted: 27 Jun 2012 19:43

    Re: How did you choose your florist/hair/make up suppliers?

    I felt exactly the same as you. I booked my hairdresser early because a friend has a fairly successful bridal hair company and I think she was the first thing I booked. But make up, I felt the same as you. I was looking at everyones work and thinking "they all look the same". I started enquiring with people with the aim of booking a trial with each first and then deciding if I wanted to then book them for the big day. But then I spoke to a friend who said "I just kind of figured that anyone who you can see has a reputable business will be able to do make up, the trial is just really about figuring out what kind of look you want". That made sence to me, so I just looked around websites and read their info etc as well as looked at the gallery. I've ended up with someone who is about an hour+ away from me but I just had a feeling about her from her website and was impressed with her experience. She is expensive but worth it to me.

    Florists was the exact same, although I got a clearer feel of whos work I liked from online galleries, than I did with make up. I have an appt with one on Friday, who has done a few of my friends weddings. As long as nothing goes drastically wrong at the meeting I'm going to book then and there x

  • Posted: 27 Jun 2012 21:14

    Re: How did you choose your florist/hair/make up suppliers?

    I had 1 trial and it was awful so I asked a few friends who are married who they used. I have my next trial on Saturday and I have a make up trial tomorrow which I am very excited about as I have never had it done as I don't wear a lot! Flowers I trusted hit he'd and I am having Rainbow florist do mine :D ask opinions and have trial after trial if your not happy xx

  • Posted: 27 Jun 2012 21:25

    Re: How did you choose your florist/hair/make up suppliers?

    For hair and makeup, I've just booked a trial with a supplier listed on here. They have some good testimonials, and if I'm not happy after trial then I get a refund.

    Flowers, I'm having artificial ones, and I just found some I liked the look of on eBay, then went to see them in person (as you don't always know what they will look like in real life). The lady who makes them was really nice, and made them up exactly how I asked, sending me pictures to make sure they were how I wanted.

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