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What can I achieve in 3 months

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  • What can I achieve in 3 months

    Right....I have completely fannied around with my weight loss for the past few months...loosing...putting it all on again, plus a bit more etc.

    I hate exercise. Which hasn't helped.

    I am a bridesmaid in 3 months time. Can I actually achieve anything in 3 months? If so...what is realistic in terms of weight loss?

    I'm not huge huge...but the other 3 bridesmaids are size 6 and 8's. Now I'm not saying I want to get down to this...but you can see why I would want to lose a few pounds.

    I am not big all over as such...but I have the classic rubber tyre round the middle...baby jelly belly lol xx Currently I am in a size 14 and weigh 11st 6.

    Help me guys!!

    Mummy to Connagh Andrew    07/07/2010
  • Re: What can I achieve in 3 months

    • Sephy
    • Joined on 26 Jun 2012
    • Posts

    I recommend Kettlebells, they are the reason I've lost over 3 stone since April. 

  • Re: What can I achieve in 3 months

    fitness clubs are great, I didn't like that either, but now I am addicted and lost a lot

  • Re: What can I achieve in 3 months

    I was size 14 and just over 11st and have nearly lost 2 stone and dropped almost 2 dress sizes with Dukan diet in 2 1/2 months - its not easy or for everyone though. 



  • Re: What can I achieve in 3 months

    I've been on the diet chef plan and lost a 1 stone each month http://www.dietchef.co.uk/




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  • Re: What can I achieve in 3 months

    Three months is enough time to lose a little weight and tone up, I think - just need to be sensible with food and exercise. Swimming is great as it's cardio but it tones you up at the same time. I also love yoga - for me it takes a little longer to see the results but three months you'll definitely see definition. Also, just think about the little things you can add into your day that will add up. For example, on the way home from work on the days I'm not going running, I walk briskly for about 20 minutes to a different station. I don't really notice it as it's a nice walk and I have my music on all the way. In terms of food, I'm by no means an expert or indeed a saint - at the moment I'm making a big effort to up my vegetable intake and cutting my portion sizes. Good luck!

    6th April 2013 - my Danish wedding. Read all about it here!


  • Re: What can I achieve in 3 months

    Hi Muchkin 28,

    You don't mention your height in your post, but in general a 1lb-2lb a week is a healthy weight loss goal. Exercise is an essential partner to a healthy diet, but as far as weight loss is concerned 80% of your overall effort should be on how much/what you eat and 20% on exercercise. So with a healthy diet and an increased activity level (walking exercise?), a 12lbs weight loss in three months would be a realistic goal.

    Another Hitched bride-to-be has signed up to my Weight Loss Online Support (£2.50 a week) and is now making good progress. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


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