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06 Mar 2014

Taking a UK Photographer Abroad for your Destination Wedding

by Fran @ Hitched

Couples who choose to get married abroad will come home with an album of incredible memories. Whether you book a local photographer or take a photographer with you from the UK, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to having your wedding photos taken with an wonderful backdrop.

I caught up with Gavin Conlan of Gavin Conlan Photography LTD (www.gavinconlanjournal.com), who has not only recently captured an incredible wedding abroad in Florence Italy, but judging by the introduction on his hitched supplier listing, has an amazing passion for capturing beauty, emotion and romantic love stories.

For couples planning to fly a UK wedding photographer out to their wedding abroad location, I thought it would be helpful to get an insight from Gavin as to how you should approach booking a photographer for your destination wedding.

What do you find most exciting about capturing a wedding abroad?

"I’ll be totally honest for me the most exciting thing is the actual opportunity, the trust that my clients have in me either by flying me out to the destination or by choosing me from hundreds of local photographers.  Honestly there’s nothing more gratifying for my career then when I step foot on the plane to begin an amazing overseas adventure.  Photographing weddings both in the UK and overseas is an absolute blessing for me, capturing those memories that families will treasure forever is a beautiful responsibility to be given in life."

How long before an actual wedding abroad do you need to familiarise yourself with the location?

"I prepare exactly the same for both a UK and overseas wedding the only slight difference is not having physical access to the location for a recce.  For an overseas wedding I rely heavily on the Internet, I first visit the wedding venues website to read about the history and to view their wedding gallery.  From there I search the internet again to find any completed weddings of the venue by local photographers - this allows me to understand the workings of the clients chosen venue.

"Once I have an understanding I begin to plan my shoot schedule, map out the possible locations for the couple shots, where to do the group shots etc. I also have a back up plan in case the weather is against us on the day."

"This Florence wedding is a prime example. When I arrived in Italy on the Thursday before their Saturday wedding we photographed their engagement session in and around the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery in glorious sunshine. On the Friday I visited Castello di Vincigliata, the wedding venue, for a recce, the weather was beginning to turn for the worse which led to a complete change of wedding day logistics; all our agreed photographic plans were changed with less than 24hrs to go.  Luckily I love a challenge, and with all the pre-planning I did alongside the recce, I was fully prepared for all outcomes on their wedding day."

Are there any differences between capturing a wedding abroad compared to British weddings?

"Yes, I would say the main differences between capturing a wedding abroad compared to a British based wedding is how you handle the logistics, for instance if your client is based in Italy it isn't feasible to meet in person so using software such as Skype is a godsend.  It allows the client and myself to get to know each other in person; I am huge believer in this. For me it is key that the client and myself are best friends on their wedding day; when the client has total trust in me it allows me to create images full of emotion and story telling that they will full in love with."

Other key differences are:

Time away from the office – an overseas wedding is normally a minimum of 3 days out of the office

Luggage Allowance for flights – dictates the equipment you can bring with you

Local Language/Etiquette/Manners/Proprieties/Customs – to make sure you don’t offend anyone

Knowledge of local area – how to travel from hotel to wedding venue, where you are based in relation to the airport

Extra costs to the client – flights, accommodation and possibly the photographers daily rate whilst overseas

Acclimatisation to local weather/temperature – countries with high humidity can affect the photography equipment

If you could capture a wedding anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

"I actually have a bucket list of Countries I would love to shoot a wedding in and top of that list would be Hawaii closely followed by New York City.

"Capturing a beach wedding in Hawaii would be absolutely breathtaking.  I can visualise it now, working with all the beautiful Hawaiian light, capturing images full of emotion and romance, as the sunsets over the sea would be perfect!!!"

If you’re interested in speaking to Gavin Conlan regarding your own wedding abroad, or you’d like to find out more about his services for your wedding in the UK then click here for further information.

Fran x 

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Published 6 Mar 2014 9:58 by Fran @ Hitched