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08 Mar 2013

Taking the Stress out of Table Planning

by Fran @ Hitched

If you’re having trouble seating your cousins, aunties, uncles, friends and distant relatives around reception tables then why not try the free table planner available to members of hitched.co.uk. I know I've spoken about this tool in the past, but I wanted to highlight again how truly simple and easy this free table planner tool is to use!

If you’re an organised bride-to-be then you may have already added all of your guests to the guest manager tool found within the members area.  Once your guests have all been added and have accepted (or declined) your invitation, you simply have to click the word table planner in order to start seating your guests.

I would recommend creating a seating plan as soon as you've received all of your invites back in order to give you plenty of time to create a visual table plan for your guests to view. 

With a simple click and drag tool, you’ll be able to choose square, round or rectangular tables and adjust them accordingly to the size of your room.  Then simply click and drag your guests into seats around each table. This tool is super easy to use and can be deleted and started over again within seconds.

Here’s one I made earlier…

So that you have more of a visual idea of what your reception room will look like, you also have the opportunity to add a dance floor, cake stand, bar and a table for gifts.

The best thing about this free table planning tool is that you can export it to an excel document, or print it off in order to give to your wedding coordinator or venue prior to the big day.

Spend the weekend exploring how the guest manager and wedding table planner work on hitched.co.uk.

Fran x 

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Published 8 Mar 2013 10:50 by Fran @ Hitched