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14 Jan 2013

The Truth Behind Katherine Courtney Wedding Planners

by Fran @ Hitched

You’ve probably been told numerous times over by your married friends that your wedding day will be the best day of your life. If, however, you’re excited about the day but just don’t know how to achieve your dreams, then you should consider enlisting the help of a wonderful wedding planner.

The hitched.co.uk suppliers directory has a list of wedding planners available to guide you through the process of wedding planning or take over completely, presenting you with the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. I wanted to chat to both Katherine Griffiths and Courtney Love from Katherine Courtney Wedding Planning & Coordination (www.katherinecourtney.com), to get their views on why they love planning weddings so much.

Have you always had a passion for weddings?

“We were destined to find each other and our love of everything wedding is what drew us together.  Having planned weddings independently Katherine & Courtney have moved into this industry as a formidable duo after planning and co-ordinating some high profile corporate events in London together.

Courtney says: "I can remember the first wedding I was a guest at, at the young age of eight.  My aunt was a videographer and she allowed me to join her for the day serving as her little assistant.  I will never forget what it was like watching the bride walk down the aisle in front of her friends and family. The music, flowers, tender tears; and I will never forget the blue hued dresses the bridesmaids wore - satin/silk the colour of the sky.  I'd never seen that colour replicated before.  I was at an impressionable, sentimental age and it stuck with me.  I would play out weddings with my dolls in the years that followed, making & designing wedding dresses and would play dress-up with the bed sheets pretending I was wearing a long, trailing veil.  It's no surprise I ended up wearing a cathedral length veil at my own wedding in 2009.  Weddings bring out the best in everyone and I wish everyday could be a wedding day."

Katherine says: "I have always been in love with weddings, they are occasions which bring family together from far and wide for one day celebrating a wonderful occasion, filled with happiness, love and laughter. I have been very lucky to grow up in a beautiful home in Shropshire where my mother built a very successful bed and breakfast business which she started in 1984. The Citadel in Weston. Because of its idyllic location and fairy-tale surroundings we have had many honeymooners stay over the years and quite a few proposals!

“Some of my early memories are decorating one of the guest bedrooms for one of the honeymooners coming to stay, my mother would always let me do the fun part of sprinkling the rose petals around the room!  To this day I love looking after people making sure they have the best day of their lives."

What trends have you seen becoming more popular for 2013 weddings in terms of decor and colour schemes?

Katherine and Courtney both agreed that “In 2013 we think couples are looking to move away from cookie-cutter style weddings. In a year which brings much superstition, savvy brides will be wise to look for discounts and deals as there are many to be had.

“The ubiquitous country vintage and shabby chic wedding will remain popular, however creative brides are starting to deviate from the ever popular trend and find new ways to style their big day. Period films will have a huge influence such as The Great Gatsby released in May, Mr. Selfridges now showing and the much beloved 20s era Downton Abbey each serve as inspiration.

“Colours are going bold and deep; a move away from soft pastels seen in earlier seasons. Greens such as chartreuse are very popular. As is colour blocking by using contrasting colours ie: red/purple blue/green. Champagne toasts are making way for black-tie cocktail parties: think Gin bars and personalised Martinis made with the couple in mind.

“In terms of fashion the taboo trend of bridesmaids in black is starting to break boundaries here in the UK.  Striking in photographs and popular for looking good on all figures, black is sure to be a hit with your maids as not only can they wear the dress again, but the dress won't date as trends move forward”

If you could plan a dream wedding for a celebrity, who would it be for and why?

“We've thought carefully about this question as there is an endless list of beautiful and talented celebrities that we would be honoured to be involved with, but one personality stands out for a range of unique reasons.  We would love to design, style and co-ordinate the wedding for eight time Grammy award winner Adele.

“We wanted to select a celebrity that would evoke the sort of image that we as a duo hope to portray.  Adele is an unconventional celebrity beauty.  Her professional image weaves elegance, sophistication, high glam and harks back to a golden era from days past with her 60s inspired bouffants, thick row of lashes and soulful tunes, but also incorporates an East London, rock ‘n 'roll, Jack Daniels sort of edge in her everyday persona.

“Adele doesn't necessarily fit the traditional Hollywood beauty mould and as such Katherine Courtney Weddings would love to have the ability to showcase high quality bridal glamour on a figure most women can relate to. It would be so fun to design a celebrity wedding that is perhaps more realistic and accessible to nearly all women.  A wedding which would inspire and promote a healthier body image than the ubiquitous celebrity bride. Lastly, it's no secret Adele's lyrics are autobiographical.  We would love to plan a wedding for Adele as it would be the ultimate happily-ever-after story.”

If you’re interested in having the passion of Katherine Courtney Weddings featured on your big day then click here to contact these two inspirational women directly.

Fran x 

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