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19 Dec 2012

Kick-start a healthy lifestyle with your gift list

by Caroline@hitched

If you want to kick-start your married life being super healthy then why not add some items to your gift list that will mean you can start your healthy lifestyle when you return from your honeymoon. Take a look at some ideas from the hitched.co.uk gift list that will help you start a new and healthy lifestyle.

Create your own additive-free homemade juices by adding the Philips Whole Fruit Juicer to your gift list. It’s a great gadget to add to your kitchen that will encourage you to drink more healthily and increase your fruit intake.

A stylish water filter jug will help to encourage you to drink more water. The Stelton water filter will leave you with water with reduced carbonate hardness and fewer impurities.

Cooking with a griddle pan is a great way to limit oil within your cooking. A great quality griddle pan will last you for years and let you create some culinary masterpieces. Or why not add a good quality casserole pot to your list that can also encourage you to cook in a more healthy way. Another great way to cook in a healthy and simple way is a steamer; why not add this stylish accessory to your kitchen.

Find more ideas for kick-starting a healthy lifestyle and start your hitched.co.uk gift list now.

Caroline x

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Published 19 Dec 2012 15:03 by Caroline@hitched
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