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Petrol Blue Theme

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  • Petrol Blue Theme

    I have found the most gorgeous bridesmaids dresses in petrol blue.  They do them in other colours but I love this particular colour and think it is really quite unusual for weddings.

    I have been looking for favours, stationary etc today to see what I can get to match and clearly it is very unusual as I can't find anything!!  I can go fo silver which is fine but just wondered if anyone else was using petrol blue and if so, knew of anywhere that did items such as stationary and favours to match!


    Thank you





  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme


    If you are looking for invitations and things to match i canmake them for you. If you let me know what style of invite you require and email a pic of the dresses you have found i can colour match for you no problem.

    The reason i ask you to email me a pic is because i have seen different varients of petrol blue, from a blue green, to a black blue with a green tinge, and a black green.

    Please get in touch if your interested. I hope you find all that you want in your search :)


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  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme

    There is only a little difference between petrol blue and teal, so you might try looking for teal as well. 

  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme


    I am happy to source the favours, and co-ordinate postboxes, table plan, etc. if that helps.  I am currently helping another bride with Teal which is a close colour so happy to source for you as well and send out samples.  You can email me at lastlittlething@googlemail.com with specifics. 



  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme


    Is this the right colour?

    The dress was made from taffeta which kinda changed colour depending on the angle and light which made it was impossible to match 100%. I eventually found ribbon for the flowers but it wasn't the right colour really. The guys wore a silver cravat and nothing else was in the same colour as I wanted champagne colours to match my own dress for the favours and chair sashes which was just as well.

    If you have a silk dress in petrol blue it would be easier to match I think but another hitcher had a teal wedding theme and she struggled big time.


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  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme

    Is it more this colour?


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  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme



    Thanks for all your replies so far!

    I should of attached a piccie!!  Here you go........

    The darker dress is what the designer calls petrol blue.





  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme

    these are some chq book style invitations i did in blue teal, quite close to petrol blue. (sorry about terrible pic)

    another pic, but just of the front cover

  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme




    Bespoke Silk Florist ~ Venue Dresser ~ Chair Cover Hire ~ 

    AisleBeYours  Design Albums  Reviews  Email Us


  • Re: Petrol Blue Theme


    That's a lovely colour! I think most custom stationers like myself, should be able to adapt designs to suit in colour so even if you don't see the same shade shown on a website it's worth choosing a design you like first then emailing to see if they can adapt it for you. For example I regularly print match as close as possible to a tiny fabric or ribbon swatches sent to me from clients. Matching colour cardstock can sometimes be more difficult but Petrol Blue should be fine. I've found various shades of blue have been really popular so far this year for orders and have recently made a portfolio in a similar shade. Silver works well with it and little hints of bright contrasting colours like hot pink as shown.

    WWW.PRETTYWILD.CO.UK  Professional event stationery, beautiful letterpress & more.


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